“Speak the truth and bring the big fat liars to their knees”

I had the pleasure of hearing Derek Gordon, VP Marketing for Technorati, speak at a PRSA-NY job fair this past Saturday. Gordon had some great sound bytes and interesting anecdotes about the blogosphere and PR. One of the issues that he discussed was what he deemed as a primary tenet of PR being about ‘control’…. Continue reading

Bling for Babies, What can we learn?

Earlier this week I was at the JPMA show in Orlando for one of our customers, BabyRide. Anyone who has a child knows that kids are expensive, very expensive. But in recent years, babies, and their gear, have become status symbols and provide a plethora of opportunities for parents with deep pockets to spend ridiculous… Continue reading

Lighthouse Illuminates Dark Side of Hiring Process

Lighthouse PR, a tech PR firm in the UK, recently issued a press release (Cut and Paste Job Hunters Discarded as Spam) summarizing the results of their three-month recruitment drive, which ran from January to March 2007. Of the 245 applications they received and analyzed, Lighthouse found: More than 75 percent of applications contained mistakes,… Continue reading

Today’s Mail & Marketing Blunders

Today I received a letter in the mail from Peppercom. Peppercom is a public relations agency that I personally have a tremendous amount of respect for and admire. However, even professionals can make marketing and PR mistakes and today’s mail reminded me of some of the most common, but critical, mistakes that companies make when… Continue reading

There is such a thing as bad PR

Although it seems strange to launch a new blog with an entry on bad PR, today’s news about MSNBC’s decision to pull Don Imus’ TV show off the air is too salient a topic to ignore. If you have been living under a rock, you might not have heard that the radio and tv veteran… Continue reading