Church of the Customer Calls out PR Angle in NYTimes Advertising Piece

One of my favorite Word of Mouth-related blogs is Church of the Customer. It’s written by Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba, authors of the book Citizen Marketers. I was glad to read Church of the Customer’s response to the weekend New York Times story The High Price of Creating Ads. They remind us that the big agencies have a lot to lose when it comes to “decentralizing” their creative power: Don’t be too surprised if the pitch for this particular story came from the ad agency owner who’s quoted Read more […]

Monday Morning Meeting Links

Throughout the week, we forward noteworthy news items to fellow team members and clients. We also officially conduct an article exchange at our staff meeting every Monday. Here are the pieces we discussed at our most recent Monday Morning Meeting. We were particularly taken by the June issue of Fast Company. Online Marketers Using Fewer Affiliates, Internet Retailer, April 2007 Possible Cancer Breakthrough “Invented” in Florida Garage, First Coast News, May 7, 2007 Data Breaches Plague Read more […]

Happy Bunny Goes Drug-Free, Wins Big

The Texas chapter of Partnership for a Drug Free America recently won three ADDY awards for a public service campaign featuring It’s Happy Bunny. As those familiar with It’s Happy Bunny’s oeuvre might expect, the campaign strikes an ironic balance between cute and cutting. The program’s core is the Drug Free Bunny website where visitors can order free stickers with sayings like, “Alcohol. The perfect choice for kids who want to be stupid but weren’t born that way.” The site doesn’t feature a ton Read more […]

Webinars: Make sure they’re captivating or you’ve lost your credibility and your leads!

Yes, Webinars are a great lead-generation tool. And all marketers have jumped on the Webinar bandwagon judging by how many email invitations I get everyday. I attend a lot of online Webinars, or should I say I used to attend a lot of online Webinars. But of late, I have found the content to be far from ground breaking and the speakers are unimpressive. There always seem to be some technical glitch so that the Webinar starts late, there is no audio, or we hear the speakers talking “backstage” Read more […]

T3 PR Conference – Be There

The T3 PR Conference is coming up on June 19th, 2007 in NYC. I have to boast about this event (not only because I am chairing it)! It’s got a great line-up of speakers and topics. The tech PR community hasn’t had a comprehensive event like this in a few years. It deals specifically with the theories, tactics and technology for practitioners promoting high-tech companies from the agency or the corporate side. It’s definitely worth attending. Check out the line-up of speakers: Constantin Basturea, Read more […]

Best newsletters to improve your online and offline marketing efforts

With most of my focus being on integrated marketing programs for our clients, and of course, emphasis on the Internet — covering everything from e-mail campaigns, Webinars, banner advertising, PPC, SEO, blogs, RSS feeds, etc., etc. — I am always on the look out and researching for updated information to optimize my campaigns for improved results. While I usually propose more stable, tested marketing programs, I also like to recommend new cutting edge tactics to our clients, that I feel are worth Read more […]