Church of the Customer Calls out PR Angle in NYTimes Advertising Piece

One of my favorite Word of Mouth-related blogs is Church of the Customer. It’s written by Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba, authors of the book Citizen Marketers.

I was glad to read Church of the Customer’s response to the weekend New York Times story The High Price of Creating Ads. They remind us that the big agencies have a lot to lose when it comes to “decentralizing” their creative power:

Don’t be too surprised if the pitch for this particular story came from the ad agency owner who’s quoted in the piece. Message-creating agencies are threatened most by sharing power and influence with citizen-participants. The loss of control is threatening, but nothing will stop the democratization of participation. There’s too much broadband and too many cellphones and laptops and too many people accustomed the idea of sharing their opinions. Better to accept it now than two or three years from now when an upstart gains marketshare because it embraced participation and all of its quirks.

Though I’m a marketer at an agency that also offers PR services, I still occasionally need a friendly reminder that public relations practitioners play in my sandbox, too. Thanks, Church of the Customer.

Some other favorite recent posts from their blog:

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