Overexposed Online

Even as a teenager, no one wants their mother to read their diary. If our parents knew the truth about what we were doing, surely they would be aghast, and we would be mortified. (I would also have been grounded until age 30, but that’s besides the point.) So why is it that so many young adults are putting their personal diaries online – on the pages of MySpace, Facebook, Flickr or a dozen other social media websites – without disguising their identity? Don’t they know that prospective mates Read more […]

T3 PR Wrap-Up

Thanks to everyone who turned out for yesterday’s T3 PR conference! A few conference speakers and attendees have already blogged about their experiences: Tony Sapienza, Topaz Partners co-founder and principal and Blogs, Vlogs & iPods panelist David Parmet, CEO, Marketing Begins At Home and Blogs, Vlogs & iPods panelist Tonja Deegan, Airfoil PR, conference attendee Chip Griffin, CEO, CustomScoop and Blogs, Vlogs & iPods panelist Simon Heseltine, Director of Search, RedBoots Read more […]

Smack Down at T3 PR Conference

At yesterday’s T3 PR Conference in NY, there was quite a spectacle during the session entitled, “The Future of Tech PR: Industry Visionaries Speak Out”. The participants were Richard Laermer, president, RLM PR, Constantin Basturea, director of new media strategy, Converseon and Steve Rubel, senior vice president, me2revolution group, Edelman. It was a cross between a PR smack down and a love fest. If you don’t know the gregarious personalities involved, meet Richard the rabble rouser, Steve Read more […]

Sandra Fathi on Tech Talk with Craig Peterson

Affect Strategies president and Tech Affect blogger Sandra Fathi recently appeared on Tech Talk with Craig Peterson. The interview is now available as a podcast: Sandra Fathi on Tech Talk (May 30, 2007) Among the topics covered was this recent news story about a provocative MySpace photo that prevented an undergrad from receiving her education degree. The interview is about 16 minutes long. Have a listen, and let us know what you think! Read more […]

Monday Morning Meeting Links: How to Talk to the Press, Write a Case Study and Stay Out of Jail

Matt Haughey, Metafilter founder and all-around interesting guy, recently launched a terrific new blog called Fortuito.us: The name of the site is “fortuitous” and while I was just looking for an interesting word that ended in us so I could buy the .us domain for it, I think the definition has a loose connection to my story. I’ve had a good bit of luck, been in the right place at the right time at many points in my career, and I’ve taken advantage of those lucky moments and worked hard to capitalize Read more […]

Two Emails, Two Missed Opportunities

1. I received this email from the American Marketing Association today: The email is fine. But why pay for scroll bar customization? (It’s purple and has arrows that are a tiny bit different from the classic Outlook scroll bar.) Lesson: If you’re going to pay someone to design and code your email, make sure they focus on the important stuff –especially if the email is going out to fellow marketers who are likely to pick apart its flaws. 2. I signed up to receive more information on Read more […]

Monday Morning Meeting Links: Marketing, Mocketing…and Jimmy Buffet

Did you know that Toyota recently paid MADtv to mock the newly-launched Yaris in three sketches? This Monday, we were introduced to Anne Elizabeth Moore’s Unmarketable: Brandalism, Copyfighting, Mocketing, and the Erosion of Integrity. We also marveled at 23andMe’s ability not only to remember a Fortune article from long ago, but also to resurrect it to earn the company high-profile ink. “Companies Serious About ‘Mocketing,'” Brandweek, June 26, 2006 (via Kottke) “Google gives advertisers Read more […]

Today’s Mail & Marketing Blunders

This morning I came in and found a big box on my desk. It was a ‘cookie bouquet’ from Vocus. Vocus is a company that provides software/services for the PR industry. It enables PR practioners to manage their relationships with media and analysts, track projects, conduct email campaigns, generate activity reports etc. It’s truly top of the line. Alas, its also very expensive. And, as a small firm, we simply can’t afford it. The nice folks at Vocus continue to shower my staff and I with lovely gifts Read more […]

Ideas Made Here

I just read a great article in the June 11th issue of Fortune Magazine, called “Ideas Made Here” (not available online). It’s about one of the “most successful industrial design firms you’ve probably never heard of,” Nottingham-Spirk. The company scours Wal-Mart shelves, kids’ toyboxes and good old brain cells for inspiration for their next product redesign or invention. Some of the products that the team has developed include the Crest SpinBrush, SwifferVac and the Sherwin-Williams twist-and-pour Read more […]