T3 PR Wrap-Up

Thanks to everyone who turned out for yesterday’s T3 PR conference!

A few conference speakers and attendees have already blogged about their experiences:

  • Tony Sapienza, Topaz Partners co-founder and principal and Blogs, Vlogs & iPods panelist
  • David Parmet, CEO, Marketing Begins At Home and Blogs, Vlogs & iPods panelist
  • Tonja Deegan, Airfoil PR, conference attendee
  • Chip Griffin, CEO, CustomScoop and Blogs, Vlogs & iPods panelist
  • Simon Heseltine, Director of Search, RedBoots and Boosting PR Results with SEO, SEM & RSS panelist
  • Matt McLernon, Bite Communications, conference attendee (and PR Idol winner!)

Updated 6/22:

We also created a T3 PR Conference Set in Flickr. However, most of our pictures pale in comparison to the ones David Parmet took on a Nikon d80 that drew its share of envious looks (at least from me).

Special props to Katie Safrey from the Affect marketing department who truly went above and beyond the call of duty in helping to plan and execute the event. If anyone from Fresh Direct is reading this, how about introducing gift certificates to your product line? I’d like to “gift” Katie a shopping spree. This is a potentially huge untapped market for you guys. Call me!

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