And we thought we knew our target audience…

MarketingSherpa has just released a new research: B-to-B Marketing Lead Generation, Nurturing & Conversion Stats & Tactics by Anne Holland, Stefan Tornquist. MarketingSherpa surveyed 1,038 B-to-B marketers in software, hardware and technology services industries to find out what works and what doesn’t for their lead generation campaigns. I won’t go into detail on every find as you can read the research paper yourself – it’s on permanent open access on the MarketingSherpa website – and Read more […]

Bronto’s Email No-No

When Bronto cold-called me in June, I assumed the message had been taken incorrectly. I even corrected the message-taker. “You must mean Pronto,” I said. Nope, it really was Bronto, an email marketing software company, calling. (Sorry, Walter.) After a short conversation where I declined the invitation to participate in a demo but passed along my email address to receive information — why not? I’m always looking for a better way to send emails — the folks at Bronto were strangely incommunicado. Read more […]

Tips for TV Interviews: The 5 Cs of Broadcast Interviews

We have a client that is going to be interviewed today for the most prominent broadcast news magazine in the U.S. (We’ll boast about it here once the episode is locked and ready to air!) In helping our client’s executives prepare for their television interviews, we put together a myriad of documents including a backgrounder on the show, overview of the segment, bios on the hosts and producer, key messaging documents on the company and products, sample questions and answers and on camera interview Read more […]

Monday Morning Meeting Links: Is Online ‘Authenticity’ Possible?

Thanks again to fearless intern Conor for helping to gather the links and write the introduction. –Leslie This Monday at our weekly meeting we looked at the concept of familiarity. On one hand, we discussed the benefits of being personal and authentic when dealing with potential customers, clients, and reporters. One post detailed the psychological reasons why we respond so favorable to overly friendly and personable sales emails. Another described that as we live more individualized lives, Read more […]

Why ‘Batch and Blast’ E-mails Don’t Work

An interesting article in this month’s Internet Retailer Magazine highlights the downsides of ‘batch and blast’ e-mail marketing tactics and the key benefits of highly targeted, relevant campaigns. Key takeaways from the article E-Mail Marketing May Be All Grown Up, But Marketers Still Have Lessons to Learn include: Effective e-mail marketing is more challenging than ever as there are a number of critical factors to consider, including: list quality, content and design, different e-mail Read more […]

Monday Morning Meeting Links: “Trading Up”, Kiosks and the Untimely (?) Demise of Second Life

“Reaching more Customers with a Simple Text Message,” New York Times, July 16, 2007 “Will the Last Corporation Leaving Second Life Please Turn Off the Light,” Tech Crunch, July 14, 2007 “Effecting Business Paradigm Shifts,” Fortune, July 10, 2007 “Restaurants Test Table Card Readers,” Yahoo News, July 6, 2007 “A Roundup of New Lust-Worthy Gadgets,” CNN, July 3, 2007 “Report Reinforces Kiosk best Practices,” Kiosk Marketplace, July 2, 2007 “The Last Stand of Internet Radio,” TIME, Read more […]

Blogging on Blogging

Today’s Wall Street Journal has an article entitled Caught in a Web of Comment. The article discusses the power given to citizen-commentators through the world of blogs and social-network sites. It also introduces the new book by Paul Gillin, The New Influencers: A Marketer’s Guide to the New Social Media. In addition to the guidelines that are excerpted from Gillian’s book on how marketers need to treat bloggers, there is a more existential question posed – When should firms wade into the blogosphere Read more […]

Monday Morning Meeting Links: Social Networking, SmartAds and Tales from the Tap

Thanks to fearless intern Conor for helping to gather the links and write the introduction. –Leslie At our Monday meeting this week, conversation swirled around the growing uses of social networking sites, such as Facebook and MySpace. Categorically networks such as these have been used by teens and young adults. But their appeal is broadening, and now adults are getting in the mix. Most notably, Democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Obama has employed a viral marketing campaign using these Read more […]

Monday Morning Meeting Links: The Ups and Downs of New Technology…and Kwik-E-Mart?

Today our weekly meeting conversation was dominated by the woos and woes of technology. Topics covered included a critique of Facebook as a ‘backwards Intranet’ site, bot herders that hijack other’s computers to send spam, and improving the still faltered service of self-checkout at supermarkets, airports, etc. Some positives included texting to keep the police and public in closer contact, and an amusing ‘mocketing’ scheme devised by 20th Century Fox turning select 7-11’s into Kwik-E-Marts for the Read more […]

How Not to Get Hired for a PR Job

I wish that they would offer new grads a class on how to interview for a job before they send them into the big mean world. I like to consider myself a tough, but friendly, interviewer that tries to make candidates feel at ease and get past the nerves. However, time and time again we meet candidates that just have no idea how to act in an interview or what questions to ask. Here are some gems from recent interviews. 1. Come dressed for the interview, literally. Don’t arrive, and then, change your Read more […]