Zipcar’s Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green

I think all marketers pay special attention to the ways they are marketed to. I personally get a huge thrill out of polls, focus groups and guerrilla marketing. (Just ask anyone in this office who endured by my play-by-play recap of the Microsoft AdCenter focus group I recently participated in.) I often find myself a… Continue reading

BusinessWeek’s Joseph Weber Goes ‘On the Record’

Eric Schwartzman, managing director of Schwartzman & Associates and founder of iPressRoom, served up another compelling interview this week in his On the Record…Online podcast. In his August 3, 2007 podcast, Schwartzman ‘sits down’ with Joseph Weber, chief of correspondents for BusinessWeek, to discuss what a typical work day (if there is such a thing!)… Continue reading

The Internet is too Risky for the Government

In an attempt to stave off any modernization of the government, Census Bureau officials say that the 2010 population count is too important to trust to the Internet. The Census Bureau hired Mitre to analyze the feasibility of using the Internet to gather data for the 2010 census. Mitre’s conclusions: The overall response rate would… Continue reading

Monday Morning Meeting Links: Marketing, Marketing Everywhere

We recently hired Solid Cactus to redesign a client’s Yahoo Store. For the first time, we’re getting their monthly publication, eBiz Insider, on a regularly basis — and we’re loving it. Almost every article in the July issue was brought to our meeting with a folder corner, sticky note or flag attached. “Confessions of a… Continue reading