BusinessWeek’s Joseph Weber Goes ‘On the Record’

Eric Schwartzman, managing director of Schwartzman & Associates and founder of iPressRoom, served up another compelling interview this week in his On the Record…Online podcast. In his August 3, 2007 podcast, Schwartzman ‘sits down’ with Joseph Weber, chief of correspondents for BusinessWeek, to discuss what a typical work day (if there is such a thing!) looks look like for the veteran journalist and Weber’s insights on the state of journalism today.

In this fresh and engaging interview, Weber openly shares his views on numerous topics, including: the guiding pillars of successful journalism (keep content fresh, useful, concise and surprising), how print publications stay relevant (take a great deal of information, boil it down and present it in a way that is easily accessible) and the different channels ideas go through at BusinessWeek before they become an assignment (ideas flow top down as well as bottom up at the publication). At 30+ minutes, the podcast is a little long but, all in all, a great listen!

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