IAB’s MIXX Conference & Expo left me with mixed feelings

Yes, I did enjoy the MIXX conference that was held in NYC this week and yes, of course, I got a lot out of it. The keynote sessions and panels were very good. It was inspiring to hear from all the Fortune 500 companies and conglomerate agencies talk about their successful integrated marketing campaigns. Carla Hendra, Co-CEO of Ogilvy was part of a panel discussing “The New Strategy” and spoke about the incredibly successful Dove Pro-age campaign and how they crossed back and forth between Read more […]

Going to the Columbia University Career Fair Tomorrow?

So are we! Columbia University Fall Career Fair September 28, 2007 from 11:00am EDT to 4:00pm EDT Roone Arledge Auditorium, Alfred Lerner Hall 2920 Broadway (at 115th Street) Additional Information on Facebook Affect Strategies would love to meet Columbia students and alumni with experience in marketing and public relations. Katie Safrey, Marcom Manager, will be there for the entire day. Impress her, and your battle is half-won. Courtney Chauvin, Director of Public Relations, plans Read more […]

Get Satisfaction: Start-Up Makes Customer Service Top Priority

Love a company? Despise a product? Have a technical problem that needs solving? San-Fran start-up Get Satisfaction is making your customer service needs its top priority. “Part online discussion, part FAQ, and part social network for all your products and services”, Get Satisfaction works by putting customer service back in the hands of customers. Power to the people! Anyone can submit a suggestion (user search would be super nifty), ask a question (how can I obtain a rebate on a lost iPhone?) Read more […]

Hey Steve, you didn’t do a great job with iPhone!

It’s been interesting to follow and read the many (mostly annoyed) reactions in blogs or online articles since Apple announced its price drop of $200 for the iPhone on September 5th, just 2 months after its launch. And to add insult to injury, Apple also announced it will be dumping its low-end 4-Gbyte counterpart. I was certinainly tempted. I was almost an iPhone sucker customer. But I thought I would wait and I’m glad I did. And who knows if I’ll ever become an Apple convert now. But Read more […]

Marketing by Numbers: Super Crunchers

I just started reading a new book, Super Crunchers, by Ian Ayres. The crux of Ayres’ book centers around how statistical analysis impacts real-world decisions. Super Crunching is essentially the analysis of extremely large data sets to find correlations between seemingly unrelated things. Once those correlations are found, formulas can be developed to make predictions – Which baseball player will produce more runs over his career? Will the price of airline tickets go up or down? What foods will Read more […]

English Lessons

On a trip to London last week, I learned quite a few things about the British. However, one PR lesson that I learned came from the unlikely source of a construction site. Although even insults can sound polite when delivered in a British accent,  the English do know quite a thing or two about being polite and minding manners. I came across this sign on a small construction project that was blocking a sidewalk and found it quite refreshing and amusing. For those of you who have been to New York, Read more […]