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prsany.gifYesterday I had the honor of moderating a panel of esteemed tech journalists at PRSA-NY’s Meet the Media event in NY.

Panelists Penny Crosman, Senior Editor, Wall Street & Technology, John Falcone, Senior Editor,, Peter Kafka, Managing Editor, Silicon Alley Insider, and David Lidsky, Senior Editor, Fast Company, all shared their insights and anecdotes on how PR professionals can get their attention and get some ink (or bytes) for their clients.

I am very grateful to the journalists for coming out to share their time and educate the PR folk about the inner workings of their publication, the editor’s credo and/or their personal proclivities.

John enlightened us on how to get our products reviewed on CNET – noting the all important factors of having a name, being able to explain what it does and how much it costs. David commented on the importance of knowing journalists and building relationships before you go in for the hard pitch. However, he cautioned practitioners not to exploit Facebook or other social media sites as an all access pass to reporters personal lives (it can creep them out, or anyone for that matter). Although he’s an advocate for professional purposes and has found LinkedIn useful in his own story research.

Penny reminded us not to call to confirm that we’ve sent a press release (do you leave a voicemail to confirm that someone received your email?) and to know the focus of a publication before pitching. Peter shared some of the challenges of a start-up publication/community/new business venture and how the accelerated pace moving from from print to online to blog can sometimes defy the space-time continuum.

Peter also introduced me to New York Tech MeetUp. Hope to see some of my tech enthusiast colleagues there at the next one in November.


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