Leveraging All of Your Assets

For start-up companies, it’s often difficult to get the attention of mainstream media. If you don’t yet have a track record or marquee clients, it’s hard to convince the media that you are worth paying attention to. It’s always good practice to examine all the ‘news assets’ that your company has – the product, the people, the environment, the partners, the customers etc.  It could be a CEO’s quirky hobby that gets him included in a New York Times article, an office that was converted from an old Read more […]

The Early Bird Gets the Wall Street Journal

Sometimes in PR, it’s the early bird that gets the hit and in this case, the Wall Street Journal. On Monday, a ProfNet query came into our office and we immediately flagged it as a possible fit for one of our clients. (ProfNet is a service that allows journalists to send out requests for sources or experts for stories that they are working on.) The request was for suggestions for the ‘Quick Fix’ column in WSJ and the writer was looking for story ideas related to ‘inexpensive solutions to common problems.’ Our Read more […]

How to make marketing matter to your CEO

I attended a very good Webinar hosted by BtoB online: “How to make marketing matter to your CEO”. The speakers were Roy Young, President of MarketingProfs and Thor Johnson, SVP Marketing at Eloqua. I recommend listening to the on-demand version, to get the full benefit of the Webinar, but the main take away points and reminders for me, and of course, our clients, were: • Marketers Do Not Speak the Language of Business: Marketing Language → Business Language Market Share Read more […]