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Last night a few of us attended a Meet Up group for Israeli High Tech EntrepreIsrael High Tech Meet Up 2neurs in New York. The events are organized by Yaron Samid of Pando Networks. It’s a great forum to hear about emerging technologies, innovative start-ups and established firms that have an Israeli connection. This month’s meeting featured presentations by FlixWagon, OddCast and Aditall.

FlixWagon is a new venture and it allows individuals to broadcastIsrael High Tech Meet Up live video from their cell phone cameras on the Web. It’s a pretty cool application that could be used by news organizations, citizen journalists, corporations, consumers etc. It could also get quite a few people into trouble – broadcasting concerts, private conversations and all sorts of nefarious activity.

OddCast is an established player in the avatar market. Although avatars have been around for quite a few years, OddCast’s execution and applications still impress. The company also has offerings for small and medium businesses (SitePal) and consumer applications (Voki) for social media and general narcissism.

Aditall is offering a solution for cash-strapped business owners to get into the video marketing scene. The company has a video content ‘bank’ that film producers, content owners and individuals can upload and offer to businesses to license for a period of time for use in video-based online advertising. In addition, Aditall has an application to allow its clients to customize the video (add text, edit, add sound etc.) to create a video advert in a few minutes. It’s a niche play in a niche market and they are up against some big competitors. It will be interesting to see if they can market themselves into the spotlight.

The meeting took place at the Brand Experience Lab, which touts itself as a brand experience agency and think tank. It seemed like a giant technology playroom that has many of the latest gadgets and inventions that could be applied to help consumers ‘experience’ a brand. Playdates in the playroom are a little more pricey than the corner playground. At $5K for a 2-hour session and $20K for an annual membership, we can’t afford to ‘experience’ it again anytime soon.

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