2008 Bad Usability Calendar

As you may have noticed from the small sampling in the Tech Affect blogroll, I follow a handful of IA and usability blogs. I believe that the core principles of information architecture are the same principles that should serve as the foundation for good marketing.

That said, sometimes our industry (myself included) gets caught up in the coolness factor of online marketing and Web functionality at the expense of the big picture. A certain virtual 3D world comes to mind…

I just found the antidote. If you find yourself caught in Web 2.0 flagrante, nothing will remind you to get back to the basics better than Netlife Research’s 2008 Bad Usability Calendar. It features 12 months of cringe-worthy, though eerily familiar, usability no-nos.

February is an early favorite:


Via GUUUI, “The Interaction Designer’s Coffee Break.”

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