O’Reilly Radar: Resurrecting Industry Standard Pretty Much Pointless

The news magazine of the Internet economy is back. The question is: does anyone care? I stumbled upon the new Industry Standard website recently and had the same reaction as O’Reilly Radar’s Jimmy Gutterman: The new site is, to these eyes, an unintentional parody of Web 2.0 features. Rather than mere advertising, it has a more high-end sponsorship model (i.e., one pay-for-it-all advertiser), it seeks to create a community (you have to sign in to enjoy the more interesting features), it combines Read more […]

Are You A Geek? Take the Technology Acronym Challenge

We take pride in our geekiness (geekdom?) here at Affect and we’re always looking for ways to prove who holds the title of top geek. Recently we created a Technology Acronym Challenge with 25 of the most well-known and not so well-known acronyms that we use almost on a daily basis in our work in tech PR. Test your skill at deciphering what these acronyms really stand for: 1. ANR 2. API 3. CDMA 4. CRM 5. DNS 6. DSL 7. GIF 8. GPS 9. GSM 10. GUI 11. HTML 12. Read more […]

OMMA Behavioral: Come for the Speakers, Stay for the Baklava

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending OMMA Behavioral, MediaPost’s one-day behavioral targeting conference. As I was telling a co-worker this morning, my brain is exploding with BT goodness! I took 20 pages of notes, so this will definitely not be the last Tech Affect blog post on this topic. Before I dig in, I wanted to say hi to Stewart (no business card) from IC Group, for listening to me rant about how social networks used to be called online communities; to Elissa, from Revenue Science, Read more […]

Tech Thursdays Launch Party

Last week, PRSA-NY in collaboration with the PRSA Technology Section, launched Tech Thursdays. The event was hosted by Medialink and the fabulous and talented Mary Buhay, who organized the event. It was an opportunity for PR folks to mingle, learn a little about technology and gobble up the great eats and free spirits offered by our hosts. Having the event at Medialink also gave attendees the chance to tour their facilities including a television studio, control room, green room and makeup room. Read more […]

What to do if you lose your iPhone?

First, cry! I did. I lost my iPhone at a business function on Thursday and I was pretty hopeful that someone would turn it in. Alas, it hasn’t happened and I may have to face the cold, hard reality that it just might not be coming back. Second, fight for your iPhone. I am not giving up without a fight. I scoured the Web, called AT&T and Apple and thought that I’d receive a plethora of advice and support. Unfortunately, I got a lot of “Sorry, but there is nothing we can do for you” and “Just Read more […]

SuperBowl Ads at $2.7M a Pop. Worth it?

That’s for a 30-second spot. So that’s $90,0000 a second! Not bad. And that’s not taking into account production costs. Hmm, I can think of better ways to spend such a luscious marketing budget. Something a litte more sustaining, something with a little more longevity that won’t disappear in a puff of smoke. In today’s Web 2.0 and new media worlds, there are so many ways to effectively reach out and touch your audience with more staying power. I read a great blog/article in Read more […]

Monday Morning Meeting Links, 2/4/08

Here are the articles we discussed as a team at our staff meeting this week. Enjoy! Godiva’s 360 Degree Chocolate Experience, Brandweek, February 4, 2008 School Buses Latest Victim of Ad Creep, Brandweek, February 4, 2008 Email Optimization Versus Instant Gratification, Email Insider, January 28, 2008 Warner Bros., Partners Dealt Unexpected Card for Knight, Brandweek, January 28, 2007 Blueprint For Application Performance Management, Information Week, January 26, 2008 Is Google’s Read more […]

Microsoft/Yahoo Acquisition Coverage in the New York Times’ Tech Blogs

I have been following the Microsoft/Yahoo acquisition story all morning, and, I must say, it’s amazing to me how many creative, well-written pieces the New York Times has posted on this subject today. The paper’s Technology home page is usually where I start my day at the office. From there, I usually get hooked into a Blogrunner headline or head into the Bits blog. Today, Saul Hansell posted two really thought-provoking posts on the merger in Bits: An Offer Yahoo Can’t Refuse, and the follow-up, Read more […]