Microsoft/Yahoo Acquisition Coverage in the New York Times’ Tech Blogs

I have been following the Microsoft/Yahoo acquisition story all morning, and, I must say, it’s amazing to me how many creative, well-written pieces the New York Times has posted on this subject today.

The paper’s Technology home page is usually where I start my day at the office. From there, I usually get hooked into a Blogrunner headline or head into the Bits blog.

Today, Saul Hansell posted two really thought-provoking posts on the merger in Bits: An Offer Yahoo Can’t Refuse, and the follow-up, Microsoft is Building a Spaceship out of Spare parts. The latter features one of the best geeky similes I’ve read in a long time:

For Microsoft, trying to build a new Internet portal-search engine-advertising network-cloud computing company will be trying to make a new interplanetary spaceship out of an old Soyuz capsule and Skylab while hurtling through the cosmos. The parts are temperamental; the systems are delicate; and the risk of catastrophic failure is ever-present.

Another New York Times blog, Dealbook, describes How Microsoft Could Go Hostile. They also have a good rundown of previous high-profile tech acquisitions in The Biggest Tech Deal Ever, Sort Of.

I’m really interested to see how this shakes out — and, more importantly, how that benefits (or hurts) both marketers and Microsoft/Yahoo end users. Bits and Dealbook are resources I’ll continue to refer to as the story progresses.

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  1. Yasmin Ben-Dror

    Can Microsoft really pull this off, or is it biting off more than it can chew? Blogger Paul McDougall from InformationWeek thinks Microsoft’s Yahoo bid may actually HELP Google and says “a combined Microsoft and Yahoo would be a company truly capable of challenging Google in search and online advertising. At least that’s what Microsoft believes. Not so fast…the biggest risk: The sheer task of integrating Yahoo would suck up so much senior management time at Microsoft, that the company, which already has a dubious track record for getting products out the door on time and has lost several key leaders in recent weeks, could fall behind competitors for years to come”

    Read the blog here, it’s not long

    The bottom line: A Microsoft buyout of Yahoo won’t help it catch Google, but the ensuring chaos could seriously jeopardize its core Windows and Office products at a time when real alternatives are emerging.

    Some serious stuff to think about…

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