Monday Morning Meeting Links, 3/31/08

Here are the articles we discussed as a team at our staff meeting this week. Enjoy! Resume Blunders That Will Keep You From Getting Hired,, March 19, 2008 The Most Dangerous New Technologies,, March 24, 2008 Surviving the Big One: 7 Lessons Learned From the Decade’s Deadliest Disasters,, March 31, 2008 The World’s Most Organized Man, Men’s Health, January/February 2008 Wake Up and Sell the Coffee, TIME, April 7, 2008 Title Creep: The Chief Revenue Read more […]

Death by PowerPoint

Most of us have sat in a classroom at one time or another in school and wondered whether it is truly possible to die of boredom at the hands of a monotone and lethargic teacher. In the corporate world, we refer to it as death by PowerPoint. We’ve all been to that presentation, where we just want to scream at the presenter or hit him/her with spitballs. This nice video from CollegeHumor captures our frustration and gives the poor presenter a few pertinent tips. Check it out. Read more […]

From the How Did I Miss This? Department: Sk*rt, aka “Digg for Chicks”

I read mommy blogs (for my client, of course!). I become hypnotized at least once daily by my Digg screensaver. And: I love dishtowels from Anthropologie. Given all those factors, how has sk*rt eluded me for almost a year? I have to admit, I am a bit torn by the idea of a Digg for chicks, as Mr. Kawasaki puts it. If I were still in college, I’d probably write a long work of creative non-fiction on this topic, peppered with quotes from Judith Butler. Luckily, I work in PR now, so you will be Read more […]

Monday Morning Meeting Links, 3/24/08

Here are the articles we discussed as a team at our staff meeting this week. Enjoy! How Did Your Computer Crash? Check the Instant Replay, The New York Times, March 23, 2008 A Guide To Safer Subway Surfing,, March 24, 2008 Behavioral Targeting’s Role in Presidential Campaigns, Click Z, March 19, 2008 How Small Companies Can Make a Big Impact with the IT Infrastructure Library, CIO, March 21, 2008 Web Site Promising ‘Juicy’ Campus Gossip Faces Backlash, Wired Campus, February Read more […]

“The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth” – G4TV Ad

I saw this advertisement for G4TV in MediaWeek. It’s smart, creative, and gets straight to the point. I love the message and the copy…”The time has come. Today, geeks are cool.” Most of the advertisements in MediaWeek lead with demographic information and statistics – like the number of viewers, age range etc. These ads don’t illustrate the value of micro-targeting or trends. Who wouldn’t want to be cool like the geeks? Since not everyone gets as excited about Tech PR as I do, I also like to Read more […]

Guest Blog: Walter’s Top Ten Places to Eat in New York City

Walter circulated this email today, and we felt it was too good not to post to the blog. Be sure to check out the accompanying Google map! Here at Affect Strategies, we have clients come from all over the world to see us. For many of them, this is their first time in New York City, and invariably the question comes up about what are the best places to eat. As someone who takes the business of food very seriously, I cannot live with the thought of someone visiting our wonderful city and partaking Read more […]

Monday Morning Meeting Links, 3/17/08

Here are the articles we discussed as a team at our staff meeting this week. Enjoy! A Question of Programming Ethics,, March 7, 2008 Scan, Deposit Checks From Home,, February 7, 2008 Home Technology Out of Control,, March 17, 2008 IABC Assumes Social Media Release Leadership Role, Bull Dog Reporter, March 7, 2008 March Madness Pool Online: Feds Look Into Facebook Illegal Gambling,, March 15, 2008 Calling a Technology Timeout,, Read more […]

20 Most Useful Social Networking Sites for IT Professionals & Tech PR Practitioners

Chrystie Terry of Network World was kind enough to compile a list of the 20 Most Useful Social Networking Sites for the IT Professional. Most of them are equally useful for the technology PR professional. Although the majority of sites on the list are are very well-known and rank among the web’s most popular sites (Digg, Technorati, FaceBook, YouTube, MySpace etc.) there are a few surprises on the list as well (Mixx, Swik, Fark). She also provides a nifty little PowerPoint presentation that gives Read more […]

Elliot Spitzer Sex Scandal: 5 Quick Lessons for the CEO

NY Governor Elliot Spitzer has been linked to a sex ring as a client. The story broke in today’s New York Times and has been the subject of news reports and tabloid gossip throughout the day. His behavior, although scandalous, is not uncommon. All too often, people in power seem to feel that they are above the law and not accountable for their behavior. It’s not clear whether there is some sort of character flaw of the wildly successfully overachiever and/or politician that causes this behavior, Read more […]

Sarah Lacy at SXSWi: What Happened?

I confess I have never been to South by Southwest. However, the beauty of any conference attended by obsessive bloggers is that you can follow the fun online wherever you are. Yesterday afternoon, I noticed a few tweets regarding Sarah Lacy’s keynote interview with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Sarah, a tech reporter for BusinessWeek, was universally panned — not necessarily for the content of the questions she asked, or for the answers she was able to squeeze out of the notoriously hard-to-read Read more […]