Do you really need a dedicated creative agency to tell you how to Tweet?

Chris Brogan recently brought this agency, Cherp, to my attention (through a tweet). The firm is apparently dedicated to helping others market and promote themselves through Twitter. Twitter has spawned a number of companies, websites and services all allowing people to tweet, search, send, auto-tweet and other Twitter-related functions. But an agency dedicated to Twitter?  Although I am a Twitter advocate (see “Ten Reasons Why Your Company Needs to Tweet”) and active participant (@sandrafathi), Read more […]

Peter Shankman on the Meaning of “Work”

You must click through today’s first HARO to check out Peter Shankman’s blog post, “Why Don’t You Do Some Work?”: So Let’s translate “why don’t you do some work” into what it really is: “How come your job lets you fly all over the place, and have meetings in really cool places, and why can’t mine? Your job certainly doesn’t seem like work, why does mine?” The truth hurts! I wish Peter wrote long blog posts like this more frequently. His writing is fantastic — honest without Read more […]

Simple Plans for Invaluable Feedback from Your Customers

Following Leslies’ great blog below on jetBlue, Dell, like jetBlue, are also being smart with their customers and mending their “bad” ways with a simple and clever idea: Dell’s IdeaStorm, Where Your Ideas Reign. Dell’s simple request: Post your ideas and tell us what products and services you like, what you don’t like. There are four tabs: “Post…your ideas for new products and services”, “Promote…interesting ideas you want to see”, “Discuss… with Dell” and “See…what Dell Read more […]

See You at jetBlue T5 this Saturday!

A couple of weeks ago, I got an invitation from jetBlue to participate in a “kick the tires” day at JFK Terminal 5. If you’ve flown out of JFK, you have probably seen the mysterious, Eero Saarinen-designed Terminal 5 peeking at you from your seat on the Air Train. It’s been out of use since TWA went out of business in the mid-90s and sitting there, empty, since. jetBlue purchased Terminal 5 a few years ago, spiffed it up, and built a new terminal directly behind it. And this Saturday at 9am, Read more […]

Beijing Olympics: Advertisers Turn to the Internet and Social Media – Big Time

I realized the Internet, digital marketing and social media channels were going to play a big part in the Olympics this year, but I didn’t realize just how big. And what a fundamental shift from Athens 2004 to Beijing 2008! A great article in USA TODAY covers the arena and the players well: McDonald’s spent zero on digital marketing at the 04 Games, this year 10% of its Olympic budget went to new media. Kleenex: 30%. Coke: 50%. And Speedo: 100% of its budget went to online social media Read more […]

Best PR & Marketing Books: Reviews from Real Professionals (The Affect Team)

Why Is Affect Strategies Doing Book Reviews? The Affect Strategies team has read and reviewed several books as a result of our continued dedication to staying abreast of the changing PR landscape. As practitioners in an industry that is constantly evolving and morphing into different mediums, our team prides itself on staying ahead of the industry and participating in continual learning and discovery. Each book has been reviewed to capture the key points and take aways. They have also been rated Read more […]

Google Apps: Down for Everyone or Just Me?

Last week, I read Chris Brogan’s post about Google suspiciously freezing accounts without warning. It made chills run down my spine. Cloud computing is not for the faint of heart! Cut to this afternoon. I’ve been getting the same annoying message for the past 20 minutes: I checked, but so far it looks like it’s just me…and everyone else in our office. No incoming or outgoing emails = not good Google Apps PR. Anyone else experiencing Google Apps (specifically, Gmail) hiccups? UPDATE Read more […]

Web 2.0 Expo Finally Comes to NYC!

Get pumped! O’Reilly is finally bringing the Web 2.0 Expo to New York City, September 16-19. Reasons you should attend: 1. O’Reilly coined the phrase “Web 2.0.” They get it. 2. If you use the code webny08emp157 , you’ll get $100 off your registration. You can also use that code to score a free exhibit hall pass! 3. I’ll be there, and I’d love to meet you. Leave a comment if you’re planning to attend. I opted for the $350 Expo Hall Plus package ($250 with the discount code), which means Read more […]

Monday Morning Meeting Links, 8/4/08

Here are the articles we discussed as a team at our staff meeting this week. Enjoy! MDA Effort Ups Emotional Ante, Adweek, August 4, 2008 Five Breast Cancer Myths, Fox News, August 3, 2008 Does Trust Really Matter? PRSA, July 31, 2008 Westwood One Sues Transmedia Group for $42 Million, Biz Journal, July 28, 2008 Plurk It, Baby, Marketing Profs, July 18, 2008 Give Your E-Mail Marketing New Life, BtoB, July 14, 2008 Read more […]