Google Apps: Down for Everyone or Just Me?

Last week, I read Chris Brogan’s post about Google suspiciously freezing accounts without warning. It made chills run down my spine. Cloud computing is not for the faint of heart!

Cut to this afternoon. I’ve been getting the same annoying message for the past 20 minutes:


I checked, but so far it looks like it’s just me…and everyone else in our office. No incoming or outgoing emails = not good Google Apps PR.

Anyone else experiencing Google Apps (specifically, Gmail) hiccups?

UPDATE (Tuesday AM): Bob in California left a comment noting he had already been down for 4 hours (?!). Google made a formal apology on the Gmail blog. However, I wasn’t able to log into our corporate Google Apps account, either. Did Google downplay the severity of the outage by referring to it strictly as a Gmail problem?

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