Monday Morning Meeting Links, 9/22/08

Here are the articles we discussed as a team at our staff meeting this week. Enjoy! Three Takeaways From Web 2.0 Expo New York, Read Write Web, September 19, 2008 3-week radiation therapy as effective as 5 weeks for early-stage breast cancer, e! Science News, September 22, 2008 New breast cancer treatment lasts days, not… Continue reading

Guest Blog: Katie on Slashdot’s Web 2.0 Luncheon at the W Hotel

Last Wednesday afternoon Yasmin and I were invited to a luncheon hosted by Slashdot founders Rob Malda and Jeff Bates who started Slashdot as undergraduates in 1997 and have built it up to formidable social networking site for IT folks that boasts thousands of users and contributors every day. Although I have to admit I… Continue reading

The Airborne Creative Concepting Meeting You *Wish* You Had Been Invited To

I’m planning a mega-post about the Web 2.0 Expo, but here’s an hors d’oeuvre for you. Remember when I wrote about Airborne’s co-marketing effort with jetBlue? I must now be on a customer evangelist list for Airborne, because I received this email, addressed “Dear Airborne Enthusiast”, in my inbox today: You probably already know about… Continue reading

Fifty People, One Question: Viral Video at its Best

A couple of weekends ago, I had a conversation with someone about how the phrase “viral marketing campaign” is meaningless. Why? Because when marketers release great content into the wild, the campaign is over. You can make your content very easy to share and distribute — to spread virally — but, in my view, you… Continue reading

Monday Morning Meeting Links, 9/16/08

Here are the articles we discussed as a team at our staff meeting this week. Enjoy! New YouTube Tool Helps Increase of Videos, Advertising Age, September 8, 2008 9 Client Satisfaction Tips, HOW Design, January 22, 2008 How to Work with an Illustrator, HOW Design, January 23, 3008 The NFL Stakes its Future on IT,… Continue reading

jetBlue T5: In a Word, Awesome

How can it be three weeks since I braved the BQE on a Saturday morning to join my fellow jetBlue lovers for Terminal 5’s tryout day? My excuses for not posting sooner include Hurricane Gustav (thankfully more of an inconvenience to my family than a disaster), a quick trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming (highly recommended),… Continue reading

MarketingProfs Quotes Us! “Life is Tweet”

One of our favorite sources for marketing news and advice, MarketingProfs, has included our recommendations for business uses of Twitter in its Get to the Point Newsletter  series. To read to full article, check out “Life is Tweet.”