jetBlue T5: In a Word, Awesome

t53How can it be three weeks since I braved the BQE on a Saturday morning to join my fellow jetBlue lovers for Terminal 5’s tryout day? My excuses for not posting sooner include Hurricane Gustav (thankfully more of an inconvenience to my family than a disaster), a quick trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming (highly recommended), and, well, life!

I think all participants would agree that the day was a success. While the experience wasn’t without its small snafus, like the escalator that lurched to a stop while I was standing on it, I think the folks at jetBlue should be proud. They should be proud of their new terminal, which is gorgeous, but also proud that their company’s level of brand loyalty is so high that a large group of people showed up on the weekend, unpaid, to be a part of the trial.

I haven’t mentioned this yet, but almost as soon as I hit “publish” on my previous jetBlue post, the company’s Vice President of Corporate Communications, Todd Burke, emailed me to say hi and thank me for my enthusiasm. I got to meet Todd on-site, thanks in no small part to jetBlue’s Corporate Communications Manager (and web guru) Morgan Johnston. I was only one of the many participants Morgan chatted up through the course of the day. As busy as they were escorting high profile news outlets like The Wall Street Journal through the terminal, they were still as friendly as can be.

And really, that’s what stuck with me during the T5 trial. It was obvious that jetBlue does an amazing job of recruiting employees that are incredibly articulate and friendly. They were having fun! I’m sure they were nervous (Heathrow’s T5 debacle came up in my conversation with Morgan), but it didn’t show at all.

I’ve uploaded a few more T5 photos to the Affect Strategies Flickr account if you’re interested in checking them out. Flights out of JFK will switch from Terminal 6 to T5 in early October, so you’ll soon be able to visit for yourself. Though I wasn’t able to access the old TWA terminal, Morgan says that the Port Authority will eventually open it up for public view.

Thanks again to Todd, Morgan and the rest of the jetBlue team! Happy jetting 😉

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  1. Morgan

    It was great to meet you too and we’re thrilled you had a good time. We’re hoping if we can impress a few folks at a month out, we’ll make a great impression when it comes time to cut a ribbon and open the doors. With engaged customers like yourself, taking time to make sure we do it right, it makes it easier for all of us!

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