Looking Good Online – From Entrepreneur Magazine, John Jantsch

Not too long ago, a good friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, was having a problem with her reputation online. Although the posts were not horrible or, as my 8-year old likes to say, ‘inappropriate’, they were somewhat embarrassing to her. Moreover, they were not the kind of results that she wanted a prospective employer to find and read – she would have preferred more professional profiles, articles written and career-oriented material. As most of us know, it’s almost impossible to have Read more […]

Twitter Moms vs. Johnson & Johnson

In the Motrin mamma mania of the past two weeks, offended and tech savvy Twitter, blogger and YouTube mom’s brought down Big Pharma J&J McNeil Consumer Healthcare unit’s new Motrin ad that launched online and in print. The controversial “negative” ad seriously offended “babywearers” and moms nationwide who felt that it implied moms wear babies in a carrier as a fashion accessory or to make them look like an “official” mom. The bonding, positive experience of the baby carrier was totally Read more […]

Pepsi’s Rebrand: Reaching out to Bloggers

If you haven’t heard or seen yet, well, Pepsi rebranded their logo. In the hopes of getting some big initial traction in this huge marketing campaign, Pepsi reached out to 25 “influential” bloggers by hand delivering three packages over the course of an hour. The first two packages contained Pepsi cans with past logo designs and the third package contained cans with the new design. The accompanying note said: “You’re part of a handful of digital and social influencers we’re reaching out to regarding Read more […]

PizzaHut Goes Digital: Get Your Pizza by Phone, Web, Text or Facebook with a topping of 75 free music downloads

I am not sure how many college students think that it’s too troublesome to make a stodgy old phone call to get their pizza, but I love that PizzaHut is taking advantage of digital and social tools to make some dough. With everything from digital coupons to free music downloads through a partnership with eMusic, PizzaHut is warming up to consumers by letting them get their Pizza any way they want – plus delivering some free goodies as well. In a recent article in BrandWeek, Ron Paul, president Read more […]

Monday Morning Meeting Links, 11/10/08

Here are the articles we discussed as a team at our staff meeting this week. Enjoy! Why BlackBerry Chose Election Day for Launch, Advertising Age, November 10, 2008 Finally Find Out Who LinkedIn Users Are, Advertising Age, November 10, 2008 LinkedIn Launches Powerful Events Feature, ReadWriteWeb, November 7, 2008 The Currency of Change: Obama’s Diversity Agenda Will Dramatically Impact the PR Profession, Bulldog Reporter, November 6, 2008 MGM to Post Full Films on YouTube, New York Times, Read more […]

LinkedIn Grows Up: The Business Social Network Finally Adds Some Social Features

LinkedIn finally got a clue. I have been ‘using’ LinkedIn practically since it launched. I say ‘using’ because other than updating my profile and occasionally fending off an awkward introduction request to someone 5 steps away from me, it wasn’t very useful. I did find it helpful to be able to read the resume of someone who I was going to meet or possibly conduct business with but it certainly did not deliver the ‘community’ that social networks typically provide. That’s why I was so excited a few Read more […]

Monday Morning Meeting Links, 11/3/08

Here are the articles we discussed as a team at our staff meeting this week. Enjoy! McDonald’s Gives Packaging a Flashy Update, Advertising Age, October 29, 2008 Evangelists Spread the Word, Web Host Industry Review, October 2008 Joe the Plumber Hires Nashville Publicity Team, Huffington Post, November 3, 2008 Google Swamped with ‘Great Idea’ Submissions, CNN, October 22, 2008 Ning’s Infinite Ambition, Fast Company, April 11, 2008 Pink Radio: XM Brings Cancer Prevention to the Airwaves, Read more […]