LinkedIn Grows Up: The Business Social Network Finally Adds Some Social Features

linkedinb.jpgLinkedIn finally got a clue. I have been ‘using’ LinkedIn practically since it launched. I say ‘using’ because other than updating my profile and occasionally fending off an awkward introduction request to someone 5 steps away from me, it wasn’t very useful. I did find it helpful to be able to read the resume of someone who I was going to meet or possibly conduct business with but it certainly did not deliver the ‘community’ that social networks typically provide. That’s why I was so excited a few months ago when LinkedIn finally added some useful features to the Groups function on the site and now with LinkedIn Applications, they’ve really kicked it up a notch or two.

Excuse the pun, but LinkedIn will now allow you to ‘link in’ all of your other social networks and online applications to create tentacles to your real life and your broader digital life. For example:

  • Link your blog to your profile for auto-updates of your latest posts with WordPress or Blog Link by SixApart
  • Post your presentations through SlideShare or Google Presentation
  • Promote your readling list with Reading List by Amazon
  • Map your travel to connect with your connections in other cities with MyTravel by TripIt

Plus a host of other applications…..

I also manage/co-manage two groups on LinkedIn; PRSA-NY and PRSA Technology Section. Until recently, other than posting the logo like a lapel pin on your profile, being in the group didn’t give members any benefits. Now there are many more ways to interact, including:

  • Contact group members directly
  • Posting questions (discussions) and comments to the group
  • Adding news articles of relevance to the group

Hopefully there will be more ‘social’ elements to LinkedIn. Might I suggest a Twitter app and link to your Flickr account for starters.

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