Follow Friday: Great Resources for Analytics, Community and Web Design on Twitter

A few weeks ago, I bit the bullet and created a work Twitter account. It’s not unusual for me to have two accounts when it comes to fun, free Web services like Twitter, social bookmarking sites and RSS readers. There are many reasons for this — which I may explore in another post — but, in general, it works for me. It certainly helps with my “portion control” issues when it comes to ingesting information. But I digress. What I’m excited to share is that I’ve already found a ton of interesting Read more […]

Who’s Behind the Best Twitter Brands…?

There have been some great blogs by the Mashable folks about brands on Twitter. Here’s the one I found most interesting by Jennifer Van Grove: “40 of the Best Twitter Brands and the People Behind Them” on how these brands use Twitter to their best advantage. Funny, the only two identities Mashable didn’t unravel were of the people behind the Burger King and Popeyes Chicken accounts. See Abbey Klaassen’s great blog. Conclusion: “Brands Absolutely do Belong on Twitter” blog by Lon Cohen. If Read more […]

Is Print Dying?

Just last week I read the FORTUNE magazine (Jan issue) interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt and his sentiments on the newspaper industry, wishing he could rescue it, and declaring his passion and want for this industry to survive! In answer to the question: What if the newspaper industry does go down? said, “To me this presents a real tragedy in the sense that journalism is a central part of democracy…” I was agreeing with his sentiments… Then just yesterday, Spencer Spinnell, director Read more […]

From MarketingSherpa: How to Use Twitter to Push Your Products

This is an interesting case study from MarketingSherpa: How to Use Twitter to Push Your Products: Lessons from Woot is an online store and community that sells “cool stuff” for cheap. It has ‘one-day- one-deal’ product offer: They sell one new item per day until it is sold out or until 11:59pm central time when it is replaced. Less than two years ago, Woot had about 2,000 Twitter followers. Followers now number 23,000. Woot’s feed is #43 on the list of Twitter feeds with the most Read more […]

Interview with Doug Simon at the BDI Real-Time Communications Conference

Doug Simon caught up with Sandra at last week’s Business Development Institute Real-Time Communications Conference. The interview is now posted on the DS Simon Vlog. Sandra moderated a roundtable conversation on micro-messaging tools Twitter and Yammer. In the interview, she explains the difference between the two technologies and offers tips on how to get your feet wet using them. Updated 10:58am: Screenshot replaced with embedded video. Enjoy! Read more […]

Takeaways from the Real-Time Communications Conference

Yesterday the Affect team sponsored and attended the Real-Time Communications Conference in NYC put together by the Business Development Institute (BDI) I thought it was a great gathering: The keynote speaker was Ray Kerins, VP Worldwide Communications, Pfizer. The panel that followed was moderated by Melanie Milstein, author of Twitter and the Micro-Messaging Revolution with Dave Armon, President PR Newswire, David Sacks, Founder of Yammer, Paul Gennaro, Chief Communication Officer, AECOM, Morgan Read more […]

Bad Usability Calendar 2009: When Poking Fun is Good PR

I got a fresh comment on my year-old post highlighting the 2008 Bad Usability Calendar, alerting me that the 2009 version is out. Hooray! In last year’s post, my love for the calendar nearly made me overlook its origins. I’m righting that this time: the calendars are the brainchild of a Nowegian UX firm, NetLife Research. Kudos to the team there for poking a little fun at their industry in the name of good PR. We often encourage our clients to look for opportunities to drop the veil of seriousness Read more […]

Seth Godin’s Blog Rocks

I like the way this man thinks, writes, and shares his ideas. I like his attitude. He’s not caught in any hype. He’s sensible. He thinks for himself. He’s honest, cuts through the muck, and tells it the way it is. I like every blog that he writes. So you can tell? Yeah, I’m a Seth Godin fan. If you’re not subscribed to Seth’s blog, you really should be. Here’s are links to last few blogs: How to send a personal email What to do when the new thing doesn’t work Teaching Read more […]

Are you coming to the Real-Time Communications Conference in NY, Jan 14th?

There’s a conference this week called the ‘Real-Time Communications Conference’ coming up this Wednesday, January 14th at the Graduate  Center of the City University of New York from 8:00 AM until 12:15 PM. They have a great line up of speakers (including myself 😉 but here are some highlights: David Sacks, Founder & CEO, Yammer, Morgan Johnston, Corporate Communications Manager, JetBlue, Raymond Kerins, Vice President/Worldwide Communications, Pfizer. There are general sessions that Read more […]