To Tweet is Sweet: Content from Yesterday’s Twitter Immersion Course with PRSA-NY

Yesterday we had more than 100 people attend a ‘Twitter Immersion Course: From Novice to Expert in a 2-Hour Workshop’ produced by PRSA-NY and hosted by MS&L.  I led the first part of the program that was a Twitter 101 tutorial of sorts and was joined by panelists David Binkowski, senior vice president, Word-of-Mouth Marketing at MS&L Digital, and Thomas Barritt, partner and associate director of the Global Food & Nutrition Practice at Ketchum. We covered  Twitter basics from creating Read more […]

Maximizing the Value of Your News: From Twitter to Google

I am working on my presentation for a Vocus webinar later this afternoon, entitled ‘Maximizing the Value of Your News: From Twitter to Google’ with my co-presenter Jenni Bowring-McDonough from Free Spirit Publishing. As with all presentations of this kind, there is never enough time to review all of the material or share as much information as you would like. So, I thought I’d write a quick blog post and share some of the articles and information that I’ve come across in the last few months that Read more […]

How Not to Succeed in Business: By Jack Welch

I read an article this morning in the March 2nd edition of BusinessWeek; ‘How Not to Succeed in Business,’ written by Jack and Suzy Welch. The article criticizes the government’s leadership faux pas regarding the current economic situation. The criticism is not aimed at policies per se, but at the lack of effective leadership – the kind that successful businesses demand and that governments should emulate. Examples from the article included the Vice President announcing that every government plan Read more […]

Tons of Twaffic for SocCom Tomorrow in NYC

Tweeple tweeting and bloggers blogging…there is lots of buzz and excitement in the social media air about SocCom tomorrow! There are over 175 people registered. I’m looking forward to hearing Jeff Pulver, Jeff Jarvis, Chris Brogan, David Kirkpatrick, Gary Vaynerchuk and all the other speakers cover all aspects of the social communications landscape. Hey, it’s not too late to register – it will be worth it! I’m also excited to be one of the 25 tweeters on the official SocComm Twitter Team: Read more […]

Guest Blog: PRSA-NY’s Tips on Big Apple Award Submissions

In the eye of last Tuesday’s snowstorm, Matt Wong from the Affect Strategies PR team and I trekked over to the “Big Apple Awards Helping Hand Seminar” at Ruder Finn. The seminar was hosted by PRSA-NY and was led by Ruder Finn team members Emmanuel Tchividjian, Senior Vice President and Executive Director of Ruder Finn’s Ethics Consulting Practice, along with Ellen Schaplowsky, an Executive Vice President and Director of Training. Matt and I walked into the seminar armed with knowledge Read more […]

Feb 10th: The Social Communications Summit. It’s happening in NYC!

I’m really looking forward to attending and participating in the The Social Communications Summit – SocComm – this comingTuesday, Feb 10th. Its produced by Jeff Pulver and will be exploring the state of “Social Communications” today and where things are headed in the future. See the new updated Agenda with a fantastic line of speakers and topics. Sandra Fathi, President of Affect Strategies, will be talking with Rob Key from Converseon on “Social Media & Multiple Personality Disorder” Read more […]

Best Ads @ Super Bowl XLIII

I have to say, I didn’t sit through the entire game. I’m not a Super Bowl fan. But I am a bit of an ad junkie. So if you’re like me and you want to see all the ads from the Super Bowl, here’s the link. I liked most of the ads. In 30 seconds, most of them did a good job of message, branding, creativity, and resonating with the audience. My #1 favorite: Pedigree Crazy Pets. It just made me laugh and laugh and laugh. There was a strong tie between Pepsi and Coca Cola. I thought they both did Read more […]