Maximizing the Value of Your News: From Twitter to Google

I am working on my presentation for a Vocus webinar later this afternoon, entitled ‘Maximizing the Value of Your News: From Twitter to Google‘ with my co-presenter Jenni Bowring-McDonough from Free Spirit Publishing. As with all presentations of this kind, there is never enough time to review all of the material or share as much information as you would like. So, I thought I’d write a quick blog post and share some of the articles and information that I’ve come across in the last few months that I thought would be beneficial on this topic. (If you’d like to participate in the webinar, it’s free. If the date has passed, it will be archived on the Vocus website for at least 6 months.)

General Information on the Topic:
PR Newswire Toolkit:
PRWeb Resources:
Publicity Insider:
Online Marketing Blog :
Why Big Brands Struggle with Social Mediafrom Mashable

Twitter Resources:
Make Tweet Love РTop Tips for Building Twitter Relationships from Brian Solis
Twitter Etiquette: Five Dos and Don’ts from CIO Magazine
Getting Things Done on Twitter from Emily Chang
14 Tools for Highly Effective Twitter Users from Kenny Hyder
How to Get Retweeted from Guy Kawasaki

The presentation is available online at SlideShare or here:

UPDATE 2/25: For full webinar replay (slides and audio) click here.

5 Comments Maximizing the Value of Your News: From Twitter to Google

  1. Mitch Glazier

    Sandra, I listened to your Vocus webinar and wanted to pass on …it was fabulous! It was filled with helpful information and best of all unlike every other session I attended on social media you sighted actual examples of how social media can impact marketing efforts. I am not involved in PR but have started following you on Twiter and will now read your blog. Awesome presentation!

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