Writers Guild of America Needs to Change or Face Extinction

In yesterday’s NYTimes, there was an article on the upcoming ABC show ‘In the Motherhood’ starring Cheryl Hines, Megan Mullally, and Jessica St. Clair.  The show began as a Web video series that drew in millions of viewers over the last two years. What made the show particularly unique, was that viewers sent in real-life stories via an Internet forum and their stories could become inspiriation for the webisodes. Unfortunately, this participatory storytelling element of the show “was quashed by the Read more […]

Help: I’m drowning in Social Media

I have had so many discussions lately with marketers and PR folks that are practically in a panic about how to engage in social media. Suddenly, their CEO or their clients are adamant that they need to be on YouTube, FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, blogging…. and a host of other activities. They want them to go from zero to 100 miles an hour by Friday. With budgets shrinking and appetites increasing for customer engagement and revenue generation, executives are right to turn their Read more […]

Recession Rockin? Entrepreneurs Come Knockin’!: Tips for job-challenged

It’s never a good time to start a business per se – there are always challenges and obstacles. Recessions certainly don’t seem like the best of environments but I think they can be greenfields of opportunities. I started my business (Affect Strategies) six months after 9-11, in New York. I remember when I told my boss that I was leaving my job to start my own company, he looked at me like I was insane and added a fatherly, ‘Are you sure you really want to do this?’ It was the best decision I Read more […]

Girls in Tech NYC “Relaunch” Launch Party

I met the brilliant Amy Cham at a Webgrrls networking event last week. By day, she’s a Technology & Marketing Convergence Manager at Tree House Agency, the Drupal powerhouses behind big, blog-heavy websites like the new FastCompany.com. By night, Amy is the new Managing Director of the New York City chapter of Girls in Tech. After making a brief splash around last year’s Web 2.0 Expo here in New York, Girls in Tech is re-launching with a new leadership team in place. The mission, however, Read more […]

Is Twitter Making Me Stupid?

Okay, not stupid, but maybe lazy. We were talking in the office today about how the Twitter phenomenon has taken over our office, and apparently made us all quite lazy at the same time. Since we’ve learned to consolidate all of our wisdom into digestible chunks of 140-characters or less, we’ve found that we’ve become neglectful of our blog. Although we all tweet faithfully on a daily basis, we’ve been blogging less and less often. Although I am often inspired to write a blog post, I usually foil Read more […]

Free Webinar with PC Magazine’s Executive Editor Jeremy Kaplan

PRSourceCode is presenting “Lunch with PC Magazine,” featuring Jeremy Kaplan, Executive Editor.  It’s a free 1-hour  webinar (audio/Web) on March 12, 2009 at 1:00 p.m. ET that I will be co-moderating. Jeremy is co-host of the Fastest Geek competition and serves as Editor of GoodCleanTech.com—a leading blog on Green technology. During the session, Jeremy will share his view of PC Magazine, including background on the publication’s media, upcoming conferences and events, editorial trends, upcoming Read more […]