Is Twitter Making Me Stupid?

dumbirdOkay, not stupid, but maybe lazy. We were talking in the office today about how the Twitter phenomenon has taken over our office, and apparently made us all quite lazy at the same time. Since we’ve learned to consolidate all of our wisdom into digestible chunks of 140-characters or less, we’ve found that we’ve become neglectful of our blog.

Although we all tweet faithfully on a daily basis, we’ve been blogging less and less often. Although I am often inspired to write a blog post, I usually foil the best laid plans by writing a quick tweet thereby sucking all the life out of my inspirational blog post.

I do realize that only so much knowledge and insight can be squeezed into a headline-length tweet. So, we’re recommitting to the long-form blog. Although it may be ‘old school’ we know that real value usually takes up to 500 words. Since this post is less than 200 words, it may not be as poignant as we had hoped. But, we’re wondering if you’ve experienced this same phenomenon.

4 Comments Is Twitter Making Me Stupid?

  1. Tiffany Winbush

    I hate to admit, but I have to agree with this post. I’ve noticed that my blog posts have become less frequent since becoming heavily active on Twitter. Just this week, I decided to recommitment myself to my blogging. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Twitter doesn’t sway me again.

  2. Leslie

    Guilty as charged. Twitter is like taking a quick shower, blogging is like committing to soak in a hot bath. Lately, that bath has seemed an extravagant use of time — even though I enjoy it very much.

  3. Sandra Fathi

    Hey Tiffany, Yes, I am starting to call it ‘Twitter-Brain’. I am losing my ability to have conversations beyond 140 characters. Time’s up!

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