Reaching out to Bloggers? Remember These Tips…

I don’t usually blog about other blog posts, I tweet them 🙂 but I found this blog post valuable to all of us – agencies and companies – planning and executing social media marketing that I thought, heck, its worth expanding my tweet and sharing the knowledge.

So, Samir Balwani has a blog called Left The Box where he blogs about Web strategies and social media and of course, he’s on Twitter @LeftTheBox. He just blogged about a recent experience he had with and its blogger outreach program: Yoostar invited key bloggers to NYC to demo their new product (check it out, its loads of fun), go back home and blog about it, spread the Word and create a big BUZZZ!

Samir was one of the bloggers invited. His blog is all about what Yoostar did right and why it was such a success. Please read his blog, its worth it.

I’ll sum up my key take aways:

– Give people (after all, bloggers are people too) enough lead time. They too have lives, schedules. Don’t send an invite a week before the event, please.
– Personalize and individualize the invitation. Do your research about that person and tie in his/her blogging and coverage with why you want him/her at the event and why it will make all difference.
– Give them some added-value, something fun, unusual or novel to experience over and above the event itself.
– Give an enticing, interesting, passionate presentation or demo. Nobody, but nobody, wants to sit through another boring PowerPoint.
– Be creative, think and do something out of the box. Bloggers love this.
– Make sure the information in the press pack is easily accessible. USB flash drive is a great idea.

And last, but definitely not least, maybe the most important, treat each person like gold. Don’t rate or “value” the blogger by the amount of traffic on his blog, or how many followers he has on Twitter. Each person is important. Each person has taken the time out of their busy schedule to attend. Pamper or spoil them – not necessarily with gifts, although that’s nice – but with attention and the right attitude. Make them feel super special. But be genuine.

I know I will keep this top of mind for our next blogger outreach program.

Thanks Samir for blogging about this and sharing with us. Awesome stuff.

PS: I wrote a blog in October on Pepsi’s Rebrand: Reaching out to Bloggers. That seems like ages ago. Things have changed since then, hopefully…

2 Comments Reaching out to Bloggers? Remember These Tips…

  1. Jody Gavin

    What a great case study and refresher on working with bloggers. Thank you for sharing! I’ll definitely be passing this (and Samir’s post) along to all of my PR colleagues and peers. This type of first-hand blogger insight is priceless.

  2. Yasmin Ben-Dror

    Hi Jody, thanks for the comment and so glad you found it useful and will be passing it around. That was my intention – to share this – so we can succeed, maybe even the first time around!

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