Best Tweets of the Week

Here are the best tweets of this week from @sandrafathi, @lesliecampisi, @yasminbendror – Bad Tweet: When Good Companies Give Bad Tweets: – 6 B2B Viral Campaigns that Delivered from Marketing Sherpa – Do PR Agency CEOs Need To Be Twittering? – Skills for the PR Professional in Today’s Job Market –… Continue reading

What Happens on Twitter…Stays on Twitter?

I’m an introvert in real life. (Really.) But I use my professional Twitter handle as an entrypoint into interesting conversations with people I might not bump into during my flesh-and-blood existence. At the risk of blowing my cover, I often follow people as a way of determining, hmmm, would this person make a good Affect… Continue reading

Bad Tweet: When Good Companies Give Bad Tweets

This afternoon I was intrigued by an odd tweet containing my Twitter handle (@sandrafathi). The tweet was about Sears CampusReady now available on Facebook. And I wondered why my name was included. I clicked on the sender and discovered that the past 600 some odd tweets used the same message and included random names on… Continue reading

What came first the product or the brand?

This week I participated in a theoretical discussion with some folks regarding branding. There was a lot of discussion around the importance of the brand, creating the brand, positioning the brand, having a vision for the brand… I could go on. Needless to say, me and the VP of sales were on the same wavelength… Continue reading

Best Tweets from Past Week

I have been so immersed in Twitter the last couple of weeks, that I’ve forsaken my blogging passion for the 140 character posts! If you are not on Twitter, well, um, you should follow us: @sandrafathi, @lesliecampisi, @yasminbendror And if you missed our tweets, I thought of summing up the best ones over the passed… Continue reading