Best Tweets from Past Week

twitter-logo1I have been so immersed in Twitter the last couple of weeks, that I’ve forsaken my blogging passion for the 140 character posts!

If you are not on Twitter, well, um, you should follow us: @sandrafathi, @lesliecampisi, @yasminbendror

And if you missed our tweets, I thought of summing up the best ones over the passed week. I hope you’ll find them useful:

– If the Twitter community was 100 people… see the picture. I love this….

– Chart from @MarketingSherpa: Information Sources for Large Purchase Decisions Changing

– Interesting article on Mommy Bloggers & swag – Why don’t folks begrudge celebs more for their free swag

– Word of Mouth Research: Brand names that are easy to pronounce are worth 33% more on the NYSE

– Need a job? Show them you can Twitter

– Why SM is critical to small businesses too – Managing an Online Reputation. Tips from NYT

– How to Use Twitter for Business: An Official Guide Finally Arrives ReadWriteEnterprise

– Do you think iPhone owners are happier than most folks? iPhone App tracks happiness for Harvard researcher

– The Joy of Tech: Warning Labels for Bloggers

– No one has a better take on the Zappos/Amazon deal than Seth Godin. Read his blog on this at

– Twitter Cracks Down On Spam Accounts, People Lose Followers

– Twitter isn’t for kids – Did you know 84% of Tweeps are 25 or older? And 20% are over 55!

– Great Lessons “5 Critical Lessons from a Social Media Campaign Gone Horribly Wrong”

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