Practical advice and down-to-earth expectations on launching and running a Twitter campaign by Yasmin and Katie. For the past few months, my colleague, Katie Safrey, and I have been drowning deeply immersed in launching and running some exciting (and successful) social media programs for our clients. We have finally surfaced to take a breath, and thought we would share a few downright practical tips from the Twitter trenches. Note: These tips apply to both B2B and B2C Twitter programs. Read more […]

Guest Blog: BDI B2B Social Communications Conference Wrap-Up

Thanks to new Affect Strategies team member Danielle Modzelewski for sharing her insights! On Wednesday, I was lucky enough to attend the Business Development Institute’s B2B Social Communications conference. As an inexperienced conference-goer, I admit that I was a little wary of a full morning of presentations and discussions but was pleasantly surprised by the content and atmosphere at the conference. My excitement around this event has resulted in this blog post, and my new title as “one Read more […]