Guest Blog: BDI B2B Social Communications Conference Wrap-Up

Thanks to new Affect Strategies team member Danielle Modzelewski for sharing her insights!

BDIOn Wednesday, I was lucky enough to attend the Business Development Institute’s B2B Social Communications conference. As an inexperienced conference-goer, I admit that I was a little wary of a full morning of presentations and discussions but was pleasantly surprised by the content and atmosphere at the conference. My excitement around this event has resulted in this blog post, and my new title as “one of BDI’s biggest fans” by my colleague Katie (@ksafrey on Twitter).

The morning began with presentations and case studies on how a diverse range of companies have applied social media to their businesses. These presentations were informative and interesting, touching on a variety of social media platforms and how they are being used by businesses to supplement traditional PR and marketing efforts.

A few presentations have stuck in my mind as being especially memorable. Among these was IBM’s Tim Washer’s presentation on the mainframe video that he and his team created, HubSpot’s presentation on the Louis Page fencing company’s blog and Pitney Bowes’ online user forum. All three companies had interesting and creative ways of using social media to raise awareness around their business, and for Pitney Bowes, to increase efficiency and save money as well.

After the presentations, I had the opportunity to learn and exchange ideas with my fellow social media professionals at two separate roundtable discussions.

Below are some pearls of wisdom I took away from the day:

•    When making online videos rely on nonsense, humor and absurdity, it works!
•    Marketing is PR; the two sides need to work together
•    Traditional marketing is like banging people over the head with a message, social media has allowed this hammer to become a magnet that pulls people in on their own will
•    Be strategic, passionate and organized when writing a blog for your business; find a voice that connects with people and post on a regular schedule
•    When incorporating social media into your everyday business model start by setting small goals, i.e. one retweet a day

–Danielle Modzelewski

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  1. Aneta Hall

    Danielle, great take-aways! I particularly like your “marketing is PR” reference and that both groups need to work closely together. I’d like to take it further and suggest spending a little of your marketing $s on customer service in social media. In order to receive you must be willing to give!

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