Simple Social Media Measurement Matrix – Ready to Measure

If you are engaging in social media, you should be measuring the results of your work. Although social media is often ‘free’, your time and efforts are not. Therefore, any social media program should measure the value of its investment. There are many areas to measure that are more qualitative than quantitative, but here is a simple Social Media Measurement Matrix designed to facilitate side-by-side comparison of social media accounts as well as momentum over time. This matrix enables easy reporting from multiple sources and or accounts for one company. The majority of these metrics can be found within the platforms themselves. They may require some tallying, but are readily available.

The last two columns, Web Traffic, and Lead Gen, require intelligence from your company. Web Traffic would require insight into analytics from the a company website which should be available from your web team. Lead Gen depends on your internal process for tracking sales sources if it’s part of the intake process. In addition, if there are events that require registration, such as a webinar or demo, the sourcing question can be added into the process.

This matrix is not exhaustive nor does it take into consideration the quality of engagement. This is just meant to be a simple tool to satisfy the numbers folks in your organization and to track performance across platforms over time.