Coming Soon: The Status Update Shakeout

I’m all for social networking sites playing nicely in the sandbox. On a philosophical level, yes, thanks very much, LinkedIn, for allowing tweets to appear in your users’ status updates. Very kind of you. And Facebook, how generous of you to allow twitterers to use the tag #fb. I also understand why the management teams of social networking sites want to expand their footprints. The economics of online communities are still mired in metrics like churn. Unable to capture the long-term attention Read more […]

2 Articles: New PR Skills for the New Year & #TeamLeno or #TeamConan

Articles that I authored appeared this week in Bulldog Reporter’s Daily ‘Dog and PR News on two very divergent topics; new skills for PR professionals in 2010 and who is winning or losing in the late night PR war. Here are short excerpts and a link to both articles: 5 Must-Have PR Skills for 2010 Public relations is an evolving profession. Unfortunately, it seems that the media landscape is evolving faster than most PR professionals. There are a bevy of new nouns, verbs and acronyms that have Read more […]

Mark McGwire: PR, Sports Journalism and the Art of “Manning Up”

You run the PR department for the St. Louis Cardinals. One Sunday morning, you receive a mysterious call. “Book a flight to LA. Immediately.” Within 24 hours, your newest client is sitting down in front of television cameras for a live, hour-long, one-on-one interview. That’s what happened to Brian Bartow, the team’s director of media relations, immediately prior to Mark McGwire’s conversation with Bob Costas, in which he publicly admitted to taking steroids during his baseball career. As I watched Read more […]

8 Ways Commenting On Blogs Boosts Your Reputation & Web Traffic

Blogs are a critical component of any public relations and marketing campaign. Today, there are prominent blogs associated with almost every well-respected publication but there are also blogs that have no ‘print’ or traditional media affiliation but garner a significant following. In addition to the professional blogs that are associated with a journalist, reporter or company, there are citizen bloggers who can also yield tremendous influence. We recommend for all of our clients a ‘Blog Monitoring Read more […]

The Hangover: CES 2010

I’m back from CES and no my hangover isn’t due to Vegas over-indulgences. I’ve never seen anything like CES (and I’ve worked at my fair share of tradeshows). It’s the largest, craziest, coolest tradeshow I’ve ever been too, and I must say it was one of my best professional experiences (do you think I’m crazy yet?). I have so much to say about the show that it’s been difficult to write this post. I’m sure you’ve read plenty of technology recaps, so I figured I’ll do what I do best and provide Read more […]

True Life: I’m Going to CES

I’m leaving for CES tonight and I’m not gonna lie….I can’t wait. I’ve never been, and so far I’ve heard some mixed reviews ranging from, “That’s AWESOME” (from a co-worker) to “OH GOD that’s torture,” (from a vendor coordinating media opportunities at the show). I have to admit that I love tradeshows, and I’d rather be an exhibitor than an attendee any day. I’ll also be accompanying a client and working with them to secure media opportunities on-site — all good things if you Read more […]

Promote Your Social Self: Simple Tips to Boost Your Social Media Presence

Creating a social media presence is not the end of the process for engagement. Even if you build a profile, no one will friend you, no one will fan you. There are many posts (including in this blog) that discuss successful social media engagement. However, this post offers some quick marketing tips to promote your social media Page or Profile. No-cost/low cost promotion: Add URLs to email signature Add URLs to home page of your website to invite people to join and learn more Add Read more […]