2 Articles: New PR Skills for the New Year & #TeamLeno or #TeamConan

Articles that I authored appeared this week in Bulldog Reporter’s Daily ‘Dog and PR News on two very divergent topics; new skills for PR professionals in 2010 and who is winning or losing in the late night PR war.

Here are short excerpts and a link to both articles:

5 Must-Have PR Skills for 2010
Public relations is an evolving profession. Unfortunately, it seems that the media landscape is evolving faster than most PR professionals. There are a bevy of new nouns, verbs and acronyms that have entered our vernacular in the last 12 months—and it’s time for PR folks to take it upon themselves to learn some new skills for the coming year. These skills apply to the individual, as well as to agencies across the board. The firms that have mastered these skills will have a serious competitive advantage in 2010 and help themselves to some new business revenue at the same time.
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Team Conan or Team Leno?
Although the Twitterverse is asking if folks are on #TeamConan or #TeamLeno, the real loser in this match is going to be NBC. It’s mind boggling that a huge media company could be so poor at media and public relations. The current battle in the late-night wars comes after a string of poor decisions made by NBC execs over the past six years. Although the late night survival of the fittest game has been going on for much longer than that, the most recent upset has its genesis in 2004 decision to persuade Conan O’Brien to stay at NBC by seducing him with the promise of hosting The Tonight Show after a five-year waiting period.
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Feel free to add comments/criticism/suggestions. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

(Correction made on 1/21/10. Article appeared in Bulldog Reporter’s Daily ‘Dog.)

2 Comments 2 Articles: New PR Skills for the New Year & #TeamLeno or #TeamConan

  1. Jim Sinkinson

    Sandra, thanks for your great article on Five Must-Have PR Skills. For the record, it ran not in “Bulldog Reporter,” which is a brand that supports many products, including webinars and many online publications and services—but in Bulldog Reporter’s Daily ‘Dog. The article has been getting a lot of visibility on Twitter—deservedly so. Best,

  2. Sandra Fathi

    Thanks for the correction Jim! I’ll be sure to correct the mention. Hopefully, you’ll still have me back 😉 – Sandra

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