Five Takeaways from My First Year of Agency Life

It’s hard to believe that it has been almost eight months since I started full time as an assistant account executive at Affect Strategies. Having only graduated this past May, I have not only learned a tremendous amount about PR and marketing, but have experienced the fast-paced and dynamic environment of an agency. Now, days… Continue reading

Social Media Week: Navigating Social Media & New Technology in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries

At long last, we have reached our final Social Media Week 2010 post. This one comes from Affect Strategies Assistant Account Executive, Antoniette Pemberton, who has already put some of the healthcare social networking sites mentioned in her post to use. Social media is continuously changing the way we receive information and interact with each… Continue reading

Blogging Your Way Into a Job

Jessica Dickler writes the Hired! blog for CNNMoney. Her most recent post tells the story of how a pilot received multiple job offers after building an online network and blogging about his experience. Jessica contacted me about the story and asked my opinion on his approach and using social media to source a job. I… Continue reading

Social Media Week: The Road from Listening to Activation

Throughout Social Media Week, it has become increasingly obvious that companies understand what social media is and how it works. However, are these companies really listening to what is being said about their brand? Yesterday morning, I attended a panel discussion on The Road from Listening to Activation, which discussed how mining and analyzing conversations… Continue reading

Social Media Week: A Shaq to the System- Tebow, Tiger and the New Online Realities of Sports Journalism

Real-time updates, instant analysis and interaction with sports fans as the game is played – social media has completely changed the landscape of how sports are covered and written about. Pete Cataldo, account executive at Affect Strategies, shares his insights from a Social Media Week panel of five well-known sports journalists on how their roles… Continue reading

Social Media Week: The Advancement of Twitter

What have you learned so far during Social Media Week? Our next social media-themed blog post comes from Jonathan Mathias, senior account executive at Johnson King. Johnson King, our partner, is a European technology PR agency headquartered in London. The Advancement of Twitter By Jonathan Mathias Since signing up to Twitter two years ago, I’m… Continue reading

Social Media Week: What do the Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones and MarketWatch have in common? Social media.

Earlier this week I had the privilege of attending the Publicity Club of New York’s “The Wall Street Journal, Et. Al.” Social Media Week panel discussion. As I sat down to eat my dry chicken breast and salad, I noticed that I was one the younger people in the room. I couldn’t help but think… Continue reading

Get More Twitter Followers – 9 Legit Tips, No Gimmicks or Tricks

A friend and colleague of mine recently shot me an email asking me how can he gain more followers on Twitter. As I started to respond, I realized that although there were many resources available, my quick and dirty response could help some other folks as well. So, here is my best/shortest advice on gaining… Continue reading

Social Media Week: The ROI Question – What Do We Actually Want from Social Media?

How are you celebrating  Social Media Week? We are bringing you fresh social media week-themed posts all week from our partner, Johnson King, a European technology PR agency headquartered in London. Today’s installment is a collaboration between Johnson King’s Tom Kirkham, account manager, and Jonathan Mathias, senior account executive. Keep an eye out for more… Continue reading

Social Media Week: How Does Your Agency Handle Social Media?

Do you manage social media programs for your clients? What’s your strategy? On Monday night, I attended the #SMPR event in NYC where I was able to hear from a panel of local PR practitioners (moderated by Affect’s own Leslie Campisi) who are responsible for managing their agency’s social media efforts. Read about my takeaways… Continue reading