Get More Twitter Followers – 9 Legit Tips, No Gimmicks or Tricks

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A friend and colleague of mine recently shot me an email asking me how can he gain more followers on Twitter. As I started to respond, I realized that although there were many resources available, my quick and dirty response could help some other folks as well. So, here is my best/shortest advice on gaining more Twitter followers:

  1. Follow folks who are going to be interested in what you have to say. (For the non-rock stars among us, there is a direct correlation between the number of people you follow and how many follow you.)
  2. Say something interesting – have a point of view – provide great content – have an expected topic list. (Don’t go off about unrelated items or Seinfeld-like observations – provide value in every tweet.)
  3. Interact with other folks – retweet (RT) good material, ask questions, thank people for following and RTing you. (According to @skydiver, a RT is the highest compliment on Twitter!)
  4. Promote your Twitter handle – add it to your signature, your bio, website, Linkedin and other profiles, promote in newsletters etc.
  5. List yourself in Directories – like Wefollow or Twellow – that allow you to tag yourself so that interested parties can find you.
  6. Tweet live from events and use #hashtags. Folks at the event who are following it, will see your tweets and may follow you.
  7. Join groups and participate in chats in your area of interest. For example, a PR person might join #journchat a scheduled conversation every Monday night between PR folks, journalists and bloggers.
  8. Cross-pollinate – post your blog posts on Twitter, update your status on LinkedIn/Facebook (when relevant for that audience) through Twitter
  9. Find your friends – use the Twitter tools to scan your contacts for Twitter users.

On a closing note, Twitter should be about quality, not quantity. If you have a few dozen followers that you are engaged and conversing with, that’s much more impressive than thousands of Twitter bots who’ll never help you succeed in life or business.

If you want to chat with me on Twitter, you can find me here – @sandrafathi.

Happy tweeting!

3 Comments Get More Twitter Followers – 9 Legit Tips, No Gimmicks or Tricks

  1. Mark

    This list is good advice. I could hardly believe it this morning when I saw a site ‘selling’ 100 Twitter followers for a ‘donation’!

    Many people go for brute force in trying to maximize # of followers, with not much eye on quantity. What’s more, most don’t have much of an idea about other simple, more effective things they can do to make Twitter a far more valuable business tool.

    In case it helps, I created a list of some useful ways I use Twitter – like Hashtags for example –

    Best regards,

  2. Leslie Campisi

    Thanks, Mark! Yes, we also find that hashtags are a valuable tool. Unfortunately, they can be “gamed” by those seeking maximum exposure (like jumping on to a breaking news story’s hashtag just to ride the wave). But, used properly, they will get you noticed by the right folks. There are lots of PR industry hashtags that come to mind, like #SMPR.

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