Social Media Tips and Takeaways from the 2010 Media Relations Best Practices Summit

This past Wednesday I attended the 2010 Media Relations Best Practices Summit, presented by Ragan’s PR Daily and PRSA at the Con Edison building in New York City. One session that I found particularly helpful was the PRBreakfast Club lunch panel, which featured a group of young PR pros who presented “35 ideas in 30 minutes: the best social media ideas from 2010 young PR Pros.” This session was packed with great tips on how companies and brands can harness the value of traditional media and embrace the power of social media in the rapidly evolving media landscape.

The full list of tips can be viewed on the PR Breakfast Club blog, but I have listed below the sound bites that  I found most valuable:

#3– One person should either operate or oversee all social media. One voice should be heard/read from the company.

#6– We will all finally realize that it’s time to get over the notion that every CEO/C-level needs to be on or “get” social media. They don’t. It’s our job to help them best understand why certain initiatives and accomplishments within social media are relevant and important to the business’ bottom line, and that means putting social media concepts into more traditional terms that CEOs/C-levels readily understand.

#14– Credible sources still rule. Even in real-time crises that are played out on Twitter, blogs, etc., still need to link back to credible sources (e.g. a company’s official blog or some other official info source) so that rumor mill doesn’t continue to spread. Twitter is a link-based economy, and just simply sending tweets w/o credible links will do little to get truth out there to the right people who need to know that info.

#20– Remember: Journalists still have specific ways they’d like to be pitched. Pay attention. Is it now through Facebook or Twitter or still via e-mail or phone?

#28– There will continue to be the struggle of the importance of quantity vs. quality. Is it about how many “fans” you have, or is it really about who’s listening?

#31– People need to realize they can’t be robots. Auto dms and canned responses don’t build & engage the community.  Be human, show some personality in your SM interactions.

#34– Platforms and apps come and go, but the ability to tell a story to people who care will always be our bedrock.

Have any tips to add to the list? Leave a comment or send me an email.

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  1. Keith Trivitt

    Kaylen – Thanks so much for your very kind remarks about the panel discussion I and my fellow PRBC bloggers led at Wednesday’s Ragan conference. It was a really terrific event, and we were honored to have the opportunity to present our ideas in front of everyone.

    I’m very happy to see that you got a lot out of the discussion, and of course, thank you for highlighting two of my points (Nos. 6 & 14). Thanks again for your support!


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