Agency vs. In-house PR: Choosing the path that is right for you

During the current economic decline, most professionals and students looking for jobs do not have the luxury to be picky about where they apply or what positions they accept. However, it is still important to find a job that suits your skill set and personality.  For PR professionals, that usually means choosing between agency life and in-house communications departments. I recently attended a panel discussion at the Entertainment Publicists Professional Society about how to choose between working Read more […]

Positioning and Brand Development: The NYU SCPS Course to Fill Your Knowledge Gap

Every so often, you meet someone in your professional life whose wisdom you are eager to have rub off on you. I can’t remember exactly how I made the acquaintance of Jay Gronlund, CEO of consulting firm Pathfinder Group, but we seem to have interesting conversations every time we connect. While Jay often picks my brain on social media and other emerging tools of the trade, he never fails to remind me that at the core of every solid marketing program lies a well-conceived brand message. It was Read more […]

Earning That Great TV News Hit

Today’s post is from team member Pete Cataldo, who shares some of his seven-plus years of broadcast news experience to help PR pros learn the ins-and-outs of pitching to the TV reporter. As public relations professionals, leveraging clients to become TV news worthy can prove to be quite the challenge. TV news reporters are demanding, and at times a little impatient (it’s got to be now or never). I know this firsthand. I spent almost eight years on the broadcast side myself, and hope to impart Read more […]

Does Europe Have an Image Problem?

The European Union has once again fallen under some strong scrutiny, following the decision to halt all air traffic to and from Northern Europe for five days due to volcanic ash spewing into the air from Iceland. Politicians, media and the general public are all speculating as to whether a full halt was necessary and calling into question the EU’s crisis response tactics. Europe is known for faulty crisis management and this is just one of several instances where the region has come under fire. Read more […]

Happy Foursquare Day: Five Ways Businesses Can Leverage Foursquare in Marketing Efforts

In celebration of the first international Foursquare Day , the Affect team has compiled five ways in which businesses can use this valuable social networking tool to help their businesses increase brand awareness and drive demand for products and/or services to boost sales. You can view theses tips in their entirety on our website, but here is a quick overview: Create incentives for new customers Give special treatment to the Mayor Offer promotions, contests and giveaways Maximize the Read more […]

Smart PR for Grows its Stock by 5%

Whoever is behind appearing on the CBS show “Undercover Boss” should be given a raise and a gold star for smart PR. Following the appearance of the company’s president and COO Chris McCann on the show, the company’s stock rose by 5% the very next day. It’s not the most inventive public relations move for the company, but it was practical and intelligent nonetheless. Most importantly, it produced quick, tangible and profitable results. Sometimes companies that have Read more […]

Apple’s Buzz Machine Getting Mixed Reviews

Last week’s release of the iPad was met with long lines outside Apple stores throughout the country and rumors that Apple has been withholding product from stores to increase the hype around the release. Apple buzz engine has been revered in the PR and marketing communities, and the general public for that matter, since the iPod launch back in 2001. But their product launches of late, have been met with increasing resentment from the media. The recent iPad launch had been buzzed about for Read more […]

Want Job Security? Train Folks to Replace You

This week I’ll be speaking at Bulldog Reporter’s PR Agency Management 2010 Summit. One of the most important lessons that I’ve learned as an employee and a manager, is that the best way to make yourself indispensable and advance your career (and your company) is to constantly grow and expand your skill set and contribution to your organization. There is nothing worse than stagnation as a person, professional or company. Strong employees and managers understand and embrace this concept and Read more […]

Managing to Leading: Making the Transition

In most PR agencies, there are many different levels of management.  Account executives might manage assistant account executives; senior account supervisors might manage account supervisors – but when should managing switch to leading and what is the difference? Managers and leaders have similar skill sets.  For each, a thorough understanding of the work at hand and the processes involved must come first.  However, the one major difference between managers and leaders is their line of sight.  Read more […]