BMA Presents Mobile Marketing

Yesterday morning I rose bright and early to attend the New York Chapter of the Business Marketing Association’s panel discussion “The Mobile Dream:
The B-to-B Advantage”
. The panel was comprised of:

All of the panelists had really interesting perspectives and insight on mobile marketing. Some of the key takeaways:

  • The mobile web will be more pervasive than desktop computing by 2015.
  • The panelists all agreed that while we have been hearing that this year is the year of mobile marketing for the past ten years, this year is really the year—and here’s why—the audience is there now. We have reached the tipping point due to critical mass of active users. Marketers are always looking to reach audiences where they are; and their mobile now.
  • How people interact with their mobile devices is different than any other platform. It’s a more personal experience; their interactions are based on personal preference. This creates a more fragmented audience and as a result, mobile campaigns must be more targeted.
  • In the next year there will be a significant increase in mobile commerce, along with a much richer browser experience due to innovations included in HTML5.

The net-net of this discussion is that if you’re not integrating mobile into your marketing campaigns by now, you’re missing the boat. What do you think? Do you see the value in creating mobile marketing campaigns? Are you integrating mobile components into overall communications plans?

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