The Science of Facebook Marketing

This afternoon I listened in on an excellent HubSpot webinar called The Science of Facebook Marketing which was presented by ‘social media scientist’ Dan Zarella. Dan’s presentation took a deep dive into how brands can effectively use Facebook to communicate with their target audience and what elements must be considered when using the platform. Here are some of the key business takeaways and overarching ideas that came out of the webinar: Facebook should be used to facilitate existing Read more […]

Why I Love to Hate Social Media

In the past few years, social media has become so important to the public relations and marketing industry.  Rightfully so, it’s an amazing way to spread the word about your company and speak directly to the people that have a need for your products and services.  When I first started working in social media, I guess you could consider me a bit naïve.  I followed all of the self-proclaimed social media “gurus”, attended large social media events and lobbied around the fact that the Read more […]

Why Not To Put All Your Eggs In The iPhone Basket

The deafening buzz surrounding the debut of the iPhone 4 has put fear in my heart that many businesses will continue to put all their mobile marketing eggs in the iPhone basket. Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone is a great way to reach consumers, but considering a 2010 Gartner report estimated that the iPhone holds just 2.7% of the mobile market share, I wouldn’t make that the only horse I hitch my wagon to. With today’s fragmented mobile landscape, dedicating a company’ entire budget to Read more […]

Event Recap:’s ‘Venture Cheers’

Last night we had the pleasure of hosting’s ‘Venture Cheers’: Turning a Startup Founder into a CEO Spokesperson.  It was a great event and we had the opportunity to meet some very interesting people! Following a lovely cocktail hour and networking reception, Affect President Sandra Fathi kicked off the evening’s programming with media relations tips and best practices for startup founders looking to garner publicity for their burgeoning company.  Sandra then opened the floor up Read more […]

Using the New Microsoft Tags for PR

By now most of you have seen these funny looking, multi-colored tags adorning posters, magazine advertisements and other collateral. Consumers just need to download the application onto their Blackberry, iPhone or other smartphones and scan the tag.  Once the tag is recognized by your phone, it will automatically bring you to the linked website, display a message or dial a phone number.  These barcodes are even customizable, so you can create your own for business cards, flyers, etc. – the list Read more […]

Figuring out Facebook’s ‘Post Quality’ Rating – Simple Ways to Measure Fan Page Success

Today’s blog post is brought to you by Kate Lee, an account exec here at Affect.  Kate works on both public relations and social media accounts for our clients – and has become quite a pro at measuring engagement and success on social media campaigns. If you’re a page administrator for a business’ Facebook Fan Page, you may have noticed a “Post Quality Rating” in Facebook’s admin-only “Insights” application. With measurement as a key part of any business’ social media Read more […]