Affect Strategies and Teen Entrepreneur Bootcamp

Teen Entrepreneur Boot Camp (TEBC), a wonderful organization based here in NYC, has been nice enough to ask me to come speak to them about public relations. TEBC is a non-profit that teaches young people about entrepreneurship through the real life experience of starting a business. The program enables them to launch their own business over a two week period.

I will be speaking at four sessions this summer. My first presentation will be next Wednesday to Retail & Franchising Workshop group. The group will help the NYC bakery decide whether to franchise their operation, consulting with experts, writing a business plan and presenting the product to the public by way of a pop-up store. I am very excited to teach them all about the wonders of public relations. After my presentation they will work together to draft an actual press release announcing the launch of their pop-up store.

Check back next week for an update on how the day went and to see photos!

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