My Company Wants to Do a Facebook Contest – Now What?

Ah, Facebook. It’s so embedded in popular culture, there’s even a movie about it! But savvy B2B marketers have realized that Facebook also holds true potential when it comes to promoting new services, products or even contests. And it’s tempting to start a contest or promotion right from your Facebook wall – you throw up a few status updates, create some buzz and give away a few prizes. No harm done, and now you have a hundred new fans to boot. Wrong. Facebook actually has strict guidelines Read more […]

Do You Have An Exit Strategy?

Becoming a hero to disgruntled employees across the globe, JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater’s dramatic resignation has sparked a flurry of chatter around the power of PR and the effectiveness of crisis communications (and of course, how to become an overnight celebrity). Steven Slater, being the savvy business man that he is, has hired high-profile publicist Howard Bragman to represent him. Once those pesky criminal charges are dealt with, Howard intends to help extend Slater’s 15 minutes Read more […]

The Top 5 Client Relations Lessons I’ve Learned in Planning a Wedding

As my Affect colleagues know, I have spent the past year planning my very own wedding. During this process, I’ve had the unusual experience of sitting on the “client” side. As a PR professional used to providing budgets, 90-day plans and creative ideas for my own clients, it was an interesting experience to be on the flip side and I learned quickly what made me want to work with someone (and what made me want to cut ties.) Here are my top five PR and customer service takeaways: 1. Listen, Read more […]