The Spokesperson Refresher Course: How to Avoid a Media Blunder

Each interaction a company has with the media is an investment and an opportunity to strategically position a brand to its stakeholders, prospects, competitors and industry as a whole. However, it is also important for businesses to realize that, at the end of the day, opening up your company’s doors to the media can also… Continue reading

Event Recap: PCNY “Business News” Luncheon

We recently attended the Publicity Club of New York first of the Fall media luncheons.  These luncheons are designed to provide public relations professionals with a behind-the-scenes look at many of the challenges they face in the industry and include a panel of guests from the media including television, print and online outlets.  This particular… Continue reading

Affect Media Hits Round Up

It’s another busy week here at Affect, and as usual we’re busy helping all of our clients get their message out there – whether it be creating some good old fashioned buzz or targeting prospective clients and partners. Here’s some of the work we’ve been most proud of recently: INTTRA shared some of their bright… Continue reading

Don’t Get Lost in the Dark

It’s the thing every PR professional has encountered at least once and dreads: the time when a client leaves you in the dark as to what they’re planning on doing, or worse, already doing.  Sometimes it happens and there’s nothing you can do about it, but here are a few tips to help ensure you’re… Continue reading

Don’t Forget the Basics

I had an interesting conversation with a someone today that reminded me of the importance of PR basics we were taught in PR 101. This person was explaining to me that while his company had been covered on multiple occasions by the Today Show, The New York Times and FOX News, among other national media… Continue reading