WOMMA Wine Wednesday: Driving Sales Through Social Media

from Who Low Media LLC on Vimeo. As newly christened WOMMA members, on Wednesday night we had the pleasure of hosting our first “WOMMA Wine Wednesday.” A networking event designed to bring WOMMA members together over delicious wine and cheese, we were excited to produce the event as well as to have our very own… Continue reading

Share the love and break it down

In PR, we speak to a lot of people. I’m not talking about reporters and bloggers (because that’s a given) but the countless other folks involved in our clients’ PR, marketing, and sales departments that we strategize with day-in and day-out to make our efforts successful. To say that PR is a collaborative effort is… Continue reading

‘The Social Network’: A Reminder to Create Value

I’ve been reading the discussions surrounding The Social Network (we’ve even covered it here on the Tech Affect), and until now I’ve avoided joining the conversation because I’ve felt like the movie was trying to position what I consider a non-story as an overly-intense drama. After seeing the movie, I haven’t changed my mind about… Continue reading

Why you should be here – PRSA International Conference 2010 – Leadership Assembly

After a long day at the PRSA International Conference’s Leadership Assembly, I wanted to share a few thoughts on PRSA. I know that few folks outside of PRSA understand the value of the organization. However, for the lucky few that come to these meetings, you understand. When you are in the room with the nation’s… Continue reading

Affect Hosts WOMMA Wine Wednesday

Our agency recently joined the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) and we’ve quickly become strong supporters of the organization’s mission to advance and advocate the discipline of credible word of mouth marketing, both offline and online. Therefore, we’ve decided to host our first WOMMA Wine Wednesday event on October 27 here at the Affect… Continue reading

The Changing Role of the Reporter: Sleuth or Megaphone for Public Preference?

Wikipedia defines “journalism” as the investigation and reporting of events, issues, and trends to a broad audience. As detailed in the classic book All the President’s Men, journalists have had a long and celebrated history of exposing critical information for the greater good of society. Yet with the rise of social media, consumers are now… Continue reading

Did The Social Network Inspire You to Join a Start-Up?

Five reasons why the movie is good for business I’ll admit it: when The Social Network opened on Friday, I was one of the first in line to catch a showing. And not only because I’m a pop culture junkie who spends a good chunk of my day working on Facebook for my clients, but… Continue reading