Continental Airlines – You are Dead to Me & Other Crisis Communications Lessons Learned

For anyone traveling over the past week – or hoping to travel – chances are the snow storm interrupted your travel plans even if you were no where near the snow. Our team at Affect had one person stuck in California, one in Florida, one in New Orleans and myself in Canada. (Oh, and one in Brooklyn.) I had the good fortune of going to Mont Tremblant in Canada over the holiday  – and the misfortune of traveling with Continental Airlines. Although I arrived on the 23rd without incidence, my Read more […]

New York City’s Crisis Communication Could Use Some Work

Calling all PR people! No matter what industry your clients are in and no matter what kind PR you practice, we can all learn some lessons from the city of New York’s management of the Snowpocalypse 2010. Yes, the situation has been mishandled in every aspect, but Mayor Bloomberg’s press conferences are chock full of great PR lessons. Lesson #1 – manage your client’s expectations properly. This means,  don’t set a deadline with a client that you can’t meet. You better be darn sure you can deliver. Read more […]

Journalists and PR People – Can Social Media Help Us All Just Get Along?

For the past few years, we’ve seen journalists and bloggers alike heatedly discuss the concept of the “death of the press release.” Tom Foremski famously wrote about it back in 2006, calling the press release “nearly useless.” Since 2006, neither the media’s appetite for this topic or the press release itself has died. Clearly, the death of the press release mantra represents the media’s frustrations with the PR profession The PR pro-journalist relationship remains one of the most Read more […]

New ABC Pilot – Not Just Another PR Show

As a pop culture junkie, I get excited when the entertainment industry creeps its way into my PR world (remember, I’m in tech…it doesn’t happen that often). So when Variety reported this week that Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice hit-maker Shonda Rhimes was given the thumbs up by ABC to pilot a new crisis PR drama, I was all ears. The show (still unnamed) will be based on the life of real-world crisis PR expert, Judy Smith. If her name doesn’t ring a bell, her involvement and counsel Read more […]

Four New Clients Tap Affect Strategies for Public Relations, Marketing and Social Media Services

We’re always excited to work with new companies on their PR, strategy marketing and social media activities, but we’re even more thrilled to announce that we’ve kicked off strategic campaigns for four new clients across the B2B and Consumer industries: Bug Labs, dealnews, and Valiance Partners. Bug Labs provides products and services that allow businesses to prototype, pilot and produce innovative networked devices quickly, easily and affordably. The company tasked Affect with Read more […]

What I learned about social media from Baratunde Thurston and The Onion

Last week, I attended a talk with Baratunde Thurston, Digital Director at The Onion (@TheOnion), as part of The Year of Social Media (@UIUCsocialmedia) event series at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana. The talk, Foursquare Rallies, Voter Protection, Open Joke Book and Other Awesome Things To Do With Social Media, was witty, fun, and full of insightful and poignant information that I summarized into four takeaways. Play. Everything I needed to know about social media I learned from Read more […]

A Look at Social Media Trends for 2011 (So Far)

It’s December 2nd and the end of 2010 is in sight. This also means that the social media predictions and trends preview for 2011 are starting to roll out. Here is an overview of some great posts that capture the first wave of predictions as well as a review of 2010: Communication and Marketing Trends for 2011 from Spin Sucks: “All companies should become media companies, in that the content they provide is valuable, consistent, and non-salesy. This will be big for B2B companies while they figure Read more […]