A Look at Social Media Trends for 2011 (So Far)

It’s December 2nd and the end of 2010 is in sight. This also means that the social media predictions and trends preview for 2011 are starting to roll out. Here is an overview of some great posts that capture the first wave of predictions as well as a review of 2010:

Communication and Marketing Trends for 2011 from Spin Sucks:
“All companies should become media companies, in that the content they provide is valuable, consistent, and non-salesy. This will be big for B2B companies while they figure out how to use, what they’ve always considered, intellectual property to attract new customers. Examples include white papers, enewsletters, podcasts, and videos.“

Eight Social Media Trends for 2011 from Spin Sucks:
“Sites such as JustAnswer will begin to pop up, allowing people to ask a question and get real answers, from real people. The marketing possibilities become endless because you’ll begin to collect data from groups of people instead of one customer at a time.“

Reviewing Our 2010 B2B Social Media Predictions from Social Media B2B:
“The growth of audio and video content has been huge in 2010. While every successful campaign like the Old Spice Guy encourages clients and bosses to ask for viral videos, causing marketers to cringe (because you don’t make viral, it happens), they do increase the awareness of video as compelling online medium.”

Five Social Media Trends for 2011 from Social Media Explorer:
“While true that only 4% of the Internet population is using location based services (LBS), there’s no question that Foursquare and Gowalla were media darlings this year. I predict that in 2011 LBS will get more narrowly focused, which will make people more likely to use those services when they feel that there’s a) a specific value returned, and b) less of a feeling of “big brother” broadcasts to all. “

Seven Important Social Media Trends For The Next Year from TNW:
“The really exciting thing to consider is what can be achieved with mobile advertising and with all the big players … trying to crack this market the real innovation has yet to come. People all over the world are walking around with mini computers in their hands and you can basically let your imagination run wild with the endless possibilities that offers to the social media industry.”

What should you keep an eye on?
There is no question that mobile is a prominent theme that marketers and communicators should be aware of in the year to come. Mobile will add another complex layer to planning and will require the proper strategy, audience alignment, and technical support to execute successfully.

Social commerce is the other big trend that must be watched and includes everything from Facebook, Groupon, Location Based Services (like Foursquare,) to Question Answer sites. Consumers are turning towards their peers, friends, and social networks for insight into their purchasing decisions. This change in behavior will alter consumer engagement as well as provide valuable insight into group buying behavior and reveal product development opportunities.

What social media trends for 2011 are you observing, discussing, or preparing for?

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  1. Craig

    In fact, it will be only two types of companies. Companies who are presented in social media, and companies who are out of business.

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