The New York Intern Project – Have You Checked Out the Entries Yet?

We’re a few weeks in to The New York Intern Project, our contest co-sponsored by Strutta to find our summer 2011 intern, and the race is on to garner the most votes and become one of our six finalists! We’ve received more than 30 entries to date, and I’ve really enjoyed browsing the entries so far. As such, I thought it might be fun to get some insight from our esteemed judges on the entries that have caught their eyes – and what will make their final decisions in the end.

Here are some common themes:

  • A little video editing can really show off your creativity!

“For me, the videos really help because it adds more dimension and depth to their entries,” said Sandra Fathi, Affect Strategies president and NYIP judge. We get to see a little more of the personality and creative chops in action.”

Judges mentioned entries from Kimberly Li and Jeff Anaya as picks that showcased out-of-the-box thinking and creativity.

  • Don’t ignore the written portion – our judges are reading these closely as well.

“Taking the time to really answer the questions properly is important, and the content is just as important as the presentation,” said Sandra. “Spell check and proper grammar are going to be job requirements! Christina Ruperto wrote a thoughtful, professional entry and her video reinforced those messages.”

Judge Erica Swallow echoes Sandra’s comments on Christina’s video entry, saying, “Christina’s video showcases she’s a great communicator, has career goals and is professional. I love how she brings an unexpected scientific flavor to the table.”

Other standout entries include this one by Tiffany Lan . “Tiffany brings real experience and passion to the table,” says Swallow. “These are two assets that are difficult to find in an intern.”

  • Social media savvy is a must – not only to rally votes, but to get our attention.

Mark Phillips caught my attention with a strong written entry that was both fun and informative,” said Sandra. “He also made some smart moves getting our attention through social media outreach as well.”

  • Even photo submissions can be creative, and we have the entries to prove it!

Erica highlighted Lindsay Miernicke’s entry as an example of someone who went above and beyond the usual photo entry. “Lindsay’s enthusiasm shines in her entry,” said Erica. “She created a unique image, answered questions with intelligence and thought, and showcased the fact that she’s really interested in learning specific skills during the internship.”

Have you seen any entries that caught your eye? Have you submitted an entry, or voted for one? Let me know in the comments below, or head over to, powered by our partner, Strutta, to get started on your own submission.

3 Comments The New York Intern Project – Have You Checked Out the Entries Yet?

  1. Srdjan

    After reading through all the entries, Lindsay’s entry was the most impressive. She definitely has my vote!

  2. Lindsay Miernicke

    Thanks for your support. I am thrilled and impressed that Strutta and Affect Strategies has so far put on a well-formulated competition! It is a little long, and is definitely keeping me on my toes, but I am ecstatic to be involved. I really hope to have the opportunity to show everyone what I have to bring to the table.
    PS. Srdjan… don’t be afraid to tell your friends! 🙂

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