5 Things that Brands Can Learn from the Royal Wedding

Given my obsession with the royal wedding this week (well if I’m being honest, the past three months), it only made sense for me to find a way to actually learn from the event that has taken over every news medium across the world. As I sit here and consistently refresh the homepages of several news sites, I have been wondering what it is about this wedding that has the entire world, including myself, so invested. What makes this event different from all the other important, if not more important, Read more […]

Friday Fabulosity

On this very good Friday, I wanted to give my Affectees a shout out for a job well done.  It was a busy winter and spring is looking like it will be just as productive. As chilly winds turn to sunny days, I am continually impressed at how the team here at Affect finds every opportunity to move the need for our clients through thoughtful and effective media relations. This teams creativity, combine with their insightfulness and willingness to face every challenge head-on, enables us to continually Read more […]

Start Spreading The News: Our Three New York Intern Project Finalists

What does it take to be a New York Intern Project finalist? For these three entrants, it was a little cartoon magic, some Photoshop prowess and the personal references of more than 45 friends and family. But our finalists didn’t just get ringing endorsements from their mothers, brothers and grandmothers. They also got the stamp of approval from our esteemed panel of judges – Guy Kawasaki, the author of the new book Enchantment, Erica Swallow, Associate Editor at Mashable, Jessica Dicker, a writer Read more […]

It’s an Honor Just to Be Nominated

Dust off those ball gowns – it’s time to hit the red carpet. Spring time in New York City brings for the PR community a season bursting with award ceremonies and receptions. This year, Affect is honored to be finalists for several prestigious industry awards that honor our achievements from 2010. This includes: BtoB Online Social Media Marketing Awards – We have already won the magazine’s award for the B2B social media campaign “Omni Understands Meetings and Events” that we devised Read more […]

New LinkedIn Plugins for Companies to Use Now

LinkedIn has been on a blistering pace in the past year with a bunch of new updates. Recently, the professional networking site did it again, offering a new set of plugins for use by companies. It’s as if they’re preparing for something big. But many of these new plugins have added features that give users similar capabilities that Twitter and Facebook have offered for some time. While none of these new plugins reinvent the wheel, companies should look to implement some of these tools because Read more […]

The New York Intern Project: Voting Ends Today!

I was thrilled when I was first tasked with helping to create The New York Intern Project contest to help us find our next superstar summer intern. But, I had no idea we’d see more than 98,000 page views and 13,387 votes for 93 very impressive photo and video entries! And, as I write this blog post, entrants from colleges and universities all over North America are rallying votes on campus and using print and social media to get the word out about their participation. And, for those of us who work Read more […]

What Should You Know About Social CRM and the Future of Social Media Monitoring

This week it was announced that Salesforce is acquiring social media monitoring platform Radian6. What does this mean for social media monitoring and what does this mean for you? There are many interesting discussions happening about what this means for social media monitoring as it relates to marketing, customer service, and the organization as a whole. While opinions may vary there is a consensus that the transformation of social CRM and social media monitoring is something to stay tuned into Read more […]