What Should You Know About Social CRM and the Future of Social Media Monitoring

This week it was announced that Salesforce is acquiring social media monitoring platform Radian6. What does this mean for social media monitoring and what does this mean for you?

There are many interesting discussions happening about what this means for social media monitoring as it relates to marketing, customer service, and the organization as a whole. While opinions may vary there is a consensus that the transformation of social CRM and social media monitoring is something to stay tuned into and will change the service and marketing landscape.

Salesforce Listens to Market Trends, Acquires Radian6 for $326 Million from Brain Solis: “The Salesforce acquisition of Radian6 demonstrate the importance of social activity to create a new framework for a new generation of business. It’s more than technology, it’s not equally about philosophy and social science. With each day that passes, social media plays a greater role in the shaping of customer experiences throughout the entire life cycle.”

4 B2B Insights from Salesforce.com’s Acquisition of Radian6 from Social Media B2B: “From a business perspective, this is a big deal because the leader in one space has acquired the leader in another space. But if you are a B2B marketer who is managing or planning social media for your company, here are some reasons why you should care. Even if you don’t use either product.”

Salesforce.coms Acquires Radian6, Takes a Giant Step Closer To Social CRM from Forrester: “Salesforce.com will also likely take Radian6, or a version it ports to the Force.com platform, to its bread-and-butter midmarket, making social listening a bigger part of the marketing strategy for smaller and midsize firms, as it should be.”

This will add value by enabling organizations to find more leads. “Marketers can listen for buying signals in the postings and discussions on social sites, blogs, and communities and use these signals to identify new warm leads to add to the system and start marketing to these people.”

Salesforce.com And Radian6 – What Does It Mean For Customer Service? from Forrester: “Listening platforms are here to stay. Companies must use listening platforms in conjunction with traditional enterprise feedback via surveys to understand the needs and issues experienced by their customer base. They also need to be able to act on this feedback and close the loop with the provider of the feedback.“

What’s next for you? Develop a plan. If social media monitoring isn’t already part of your business or at least customer service and marketing strategy then now is the time to start to develop a plan. Social media monitoring is valuable, but monitoring cannot be a stand-alone action. Value comes from transitioning what is being said into actionable decisions and strategies that help to identify opportunities, drive lead generation and cultivate customer loyalty.

If you don’t have a social media monitoring strategy already in place or looking to make yours better then Maria Ongeva (@themaria) offers some nice insight and steps to get you started with 10 Steps for Successful Social Media Monitoring on Mashable.

How are you integrating (or plan to integrate) social media monitoring into your marketing, communication, and customer service strategies?